PathMed is an online resource that aims to provide well researched, honest advice around supplementation, diet, nutrition and fitness.

We have put together a team of highly experienced and well-educated professionals in these fields and we work with writers who are passionate about their field of expertise.

In addition to our highly qualified team we also have access to guest authors who contribute some of our best pieces.

Meet The PathMed Team

Roger Thomas

Editor In Chief

Roger is our editor in chief and oversees all of the PathMed content that is published on a weekly basis. Nothing gets to screen without Roger’s say so and that’s a good thing as he has worked extensively in academic research linked to nutrition and sleep behavior. Roger is also a keen golfer but he admits his swing is not quite as strong as his knowledge of nutrition and supplementation.

Jenni Cox

Lead Editor

As our lead editor, Jenni uses her background in women’s health journalism to ensure information on PathMed is fact-checked, reads well and is advice driven.

She has worked for numerous state publications and also blogs on her own sites about her love of animals.

Jenni is also a passionate advocate for LGBTIQA+ rights.

Kate Harrison

Writer In Residence

Kate is one of our resident writers and has a strong background in physiotherapy as well as a keen interest in nutrition and its impact on training and recovery. She is one of the most driven 30-somethings we know and the office is always alive when she is in it. Kate brings a real sense of openness and questioning to her writing and she never leaves a stone untouched in her quest for the truth.

John Dixon

PT & Writer

John has spent years as a PT following a successful stint in the military. He continues to tread the gym floors but most of his professional time is now spent transferring his knowledge of health and fitness to the writing he undertakes for PathMed.

He is able to relate to real people thanks to his time as a personal trainer and although he loves the one-to-one connection he knows he can reach more people through his writing with us.

What We Specialize In:

At PathMed we are absolutely passionate about all things health. We aim to bring you the most well researched content to help you make informed choices about supplementation, health, exercise and well-being.

We write about a range of topics from discussing testosterone boosting supplements to individual product reviews such as Modere Trim, Balance of Nature and more.

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