Keto XO Review

John Dixon takes a look at this popular keto supplement in our Keto XO review. Read on to find out how he got on with it…

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Keto XO is a weight management supplement designed to help with ketosis.

It uses several forms of Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) as its main, and sole active, ingredient. There is a good reason for this. As the ketogenic diet has gained traction (see below), BHB use has soared as its ability to aid ketosis has been investigated, proven, and popularized.

A bottle of Keto XO won’t set you back too much, making it a great, simple, and cost effective addition to your ketogenic diet. It can also work well for more generic low carb diets, giving you more energy and a greater release of ketones.

I’m skeptical, however. Though BHB is indeed a potent ingredient for weight loss and low-carbohydrate management, foregoing any other active ingredients seems like a bit of a lost opportunity. I can’t help wondering if there are any better supplements out there (hint: though Keto XO is decent, there are indeed a few better options).

Keto XO Explained

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Keto XO is entirely natural. Every ingredient is natural and high quality. Its proprietary blend contains three types of BHB – magnesium BHB, sodium BHB, and calcium BHB – all of which are common minerals for use in making a keto diet a little more effective and bearable.

As above, these are the only active ingredients included, however. Though they will undoubtedly give you the results you want, this may be a little lacking. I can think of at least a dozen ingredients that would make fantastic additions at little extra expense.

Any thermogenic compound like capsicum, caffeine, or green tea extract would be welcome. Any antioxidants or fiber would also be great. I would suggest something like glucomannan, as those following a ketogenic diet will by design have very little good-quality fiber in their diet. This has the potential to ruin their digestive health.

I’m getting ahead of myself, however, because BHB is good for ketosis, which in turn brings about a great many health benefits.

Ketosis is a natural bodily process. It occurs in the absence of carbohydrates. A ketogenic diet will typically contain a maximum of 50 grams of carbohydrates every day. That’s the equivalent of a couple of small bananas. For context, I don’t follow a ketogenic diet myself, I am an active man with high muscle mass, and I take in about 250 grams of carbohydrates every day. To hit ketosis, I would need to slash this down to a fifth of my current intake.

A keto diet will instead take the vast majority of its calories from fat and protein.

Why would you do this? Well, ketosis causes your body to burn fat for energy. It creates ketones, which become its new energy source. This makes it a very potent weight loss tool. It also works well for people suffering with type II diabetes, as it helps to stabilize blood sugar levels.

As it is high in protein, ketosis is a good diet plan for those looking to put on muscle or maintain an athletic lifestyle. Ketone creation and use should also give you a great deal of energy – those following a ketogenic diet often report a significant increase in energy levels and mood within just a couple of days.

As it stabilizes blood sugar levels, a ketogenic diet should also ward off hunger pangs, making it easier to stick to a healthy calorie intake.

Keto XO was explicitly created to aid in maintaining a ketogenic diet. It is designed to optimize it whilst diminishing some of the common side effects associated with it.

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Phen24 – A Top Keto XO Alternative

Although Keto XO is an effective keto supplement, Phen24 is much more potent and will aid in the negative side effects of entering a state of Ketosis. This clever supplement works 24 hours a day and is worth considering over Keto XO.

Benefits Of Keto XO

Many of the benefits that Keto XO has to offer are those offered by ketosis more generally.

It will elicit fat burning, using your excess body fat as a primary fuel source, rather than relying on blood glucose and stored glycogen (of which there will be very little after the first couple of days of following a ketogenic diet). This will also give you far more energy.

Largely removing carbohydrates from your diet will also mean you will be getting little, if any, gluten. This will have its own health benefits.

Keto XO promotes ketosis, making it more efficient and easily achieved. The BHB contained in its formula will stimulate your body’s ketones, making them far more available and active for faster results.

This is about it. As I’ll go into below, there are some better weight loss supplements out there. BHB alone is good. BHB with a few additions, as I mentioned above, is even better. This strikes me as a bit of a wasted opportunity.

I also hate proprietary blends. This means that the active ingredients’ dosage is hidden. You can see what you are taking, but not how much. Any good diet plan rests on knowing exactly what you’re putting into your body, including quantities. A good supplement will rest on giving you adequate doses – you will only know this is the case if you know the doses in the first place.

Keto XO uses a proprietary blend. Though the ingredients are sound, there is no way of knowing how much of any of them you are taking. This is very problematic.

Keto XO Ingredients

Keto XO uses a proprietary blend of three types of BHB. These are magnesium BHB, sodium BHB, and calcium BHB, and they are the only active ingredients involved in Keto XO’s formula.

BHB is naturally created in the body, but elevated amounts provided exogenously can help to supercharge a ketogenic diet.

Each BHB type should help to give your body and brain energy in the absence of carbohydrates. As above, this is done by improving ketones’ availability and efficiency.

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BHB may also have a few additional benefits. It can help to improve cognitive and nerve function. This is pretty important, as ‘brain fog’ can be common in ketosis, undercutting the energy benefits inherent to ketone reliance. It can also improve muscular energy and overall athletic performance, making Keto XO a decent contender for those looking to maintain an active lifestyle.

Keto XO also includes a few non-active ingredients. It uses magnesium stearate, a common ‘flow agent’. It basically keeps the active ingredients from sticking to each other. It also creates a barrier between medicines and manufacturing processes. All this means that the Keto XO formula should be high quality with decent consistency.

It also uses rice flour as a bulking agent, and silicon dioxide and gelatin.

How To Take Keto XO

Keto XO is incredibly easy to use. Simply take 2 capsules once daily. Ideally, you should take them around 20-30 minutes before a meal for best results. I would recommend taking them on waking, then having your breakfast half an hour later.

You get a 30-day supply with each bottle of Keto XO, so 60 capsules in all.

Using Keto XO

There is no doubt that BHB makes a ketogenic diet better. It makes achieving ketosis faster and easier – you should feel results after just a day or two, where going without BHB can take a day or so more than this. It also leads to more efficient ketone use, thus fat use, thus improved weight loss and heightened energy levels.

The BHB included in Keto XO is high quality, even if you won’t know the exact dose you are getting.

However, I would argue that there are better options for boosting energy and weight loss.

KetoCharge is a very strong option. It is particularly good at helping you to skip so called ‘keto flu’ – the brain fog and bad breath associated with the early days of ketosis. It contains plenty of electrolytes, which are known to aid ketosis and hydration levels. It also contains glycine amino acid for improved sleep and energy levels.

I also really like Phen24, one of my favorite metabolism boosters. Though it’s not aimed specifically at ketosis, it is nevertheless a great option. It’s very clever, well made, and contains plenty of thermogenic and energy inspiring ingredients which will help you out a great deal.

Phen24 is a two-part supplement. It’s split between daytime and nighttime use. The daytime capsules boost your metabolic rate, meaning that you will burn through more calories, using them as energy. The nighttime capsule is designed to give you improved sleep, leading to better recovery and energy levels.

Either might represent a better tool for weight loss and ketosis support that Keto XO’s overly simple formula.

Pros and Cons

  • All ingredients are completely natural
  • BHB is known to support ketosis
  • Good for improving ketosis and weight loss
  • 60-day money back guarantee for all buyers
  • Obviously only really works with a ketogenic diet
  • The simple formula doesn’t give you much
  • The blend is proprietary, meaning doses are hidden
  • There is also little by way of available clinical data
  • You can only buy online


Are keto pills good for weight loss?

Ketosis and the ketogenic diet are good for weight loss. Ketosis involves burning through excess body fat for energy. Keto pills are specifically designed to make ketosis easier to achieve, more efficient, and more bearable in the early days.

Are keto results permanent?

The ketogenic diet is often not recommended for long term use, though it can be in some cases. You will likely lose weight on a ketogenic diet. However, this weight loss isn’t permanent. You will need to work to maintain your body composition. The improved energy will also disappear as soon as you come off your ketogenic eating plan.

How long does it take for a keto diet to work?

Ketosis typically kicks in after 2-4 days, as long as you stick to the guidelines (eating 50 grams or fewer of carbs each day). You may take longer, depending on lifestyle and genetic factors like physical activity levels, metabolic function and health, your age, and the make up of the rest of your diet.

Ketosis can be achieved more easily in the lower end of this range when taking keto supplements like BHB.

phen 24 bottle

Phen24 – A Top Keto XO Alternative

Although Keto XO is an effective keto supplement, Phen24 is much more potent and will aid in the negative side effects of entering a state of Ketosis. This clever supplement works 24 hours a day and is worth considering over Keto XO.


I’ve had a downer on Keto XO. This is perhaps a little unfair. It is a solid supplement. The BHB will help you to achieve more efficient levels of ketosis. Many people will like the formula’s simplicity – if all you want is to supercharge ketosis, BHB alone may well be enough.

Therefore, if you’re simply looking for something to help you achieve ketosis, Keto XO may be a good investment.

However, I am always wary of proprietary blends. Though user testimony and experience suggest the BHB levels are adequate in Keto XO, we don’t know this for sure. The lack of scientific backing is also problematic.

I would also appreciate a little more for my money. Simply including some kind of stimulant or thermogenic compound, preferably alongside some kind of high quality fiber, would make Keto XO a lot more viable to me. It cannot compete with many other, similar supplements. Something like Phen24 or KetoCharge blow it out the water and so for me, my money would be being spent on one of those supplements instead.