Editorial Principles

PathMed aims to be a high quality resource that is grounded in the highest editorial standards. Although our content is reader supported and monetized through affiliated products and services, our content always aims to be impartial and free from bias.

We are proud of the team of editors, writers and researchers that we have working with us and from initial idea to the final publication, all our staff members have a clear editorial process that they should follow.

You can learn more about our editorial principles and ethos below…

Staff With Expertise

Every member of the PathMed team has demonstrated expertise in their role prior to joining us. Whether it is our chief editor, part time editors, full time writers or a member of our research team – every role is fulfilled by someone who has expertise and experience within their field.

We have dedicated nutritionists, personal trainers and experienced researchers who all help to ensure our content is up the high standard we expect.

Research and Writing

The planning, research and writing phase of our editorial process is of high importance. Not everything we plan makes it to final publication and often through testing and researching products we find that the efficacy is not up to the standards that we would want to endorse – and therefore we don’t.

Where possible we will make reference to research undertaken and testing that we have carried out prior to publication. For example, our reviews are written after a period of testing (usually at least 3-4 weeks) and we often remove products from ‘buyers guide’ content if they do not reach the standards we expect. For dedicated reviews we may still publish these but you can expect honest feedback on our testing experience.

Up To Date

The supplement industry changes at a fast pace as new products are launched and new scientific studies are released. As a result of this, we constantly strive to go back to older content and keep it up to date.

All content is reviewed every 6 months and is often re-written or re-edited depending on how the industry and scientific studies have changed.

Fact Checking

We have a three phase approach to fact checking to ensure the information we provide is 100% accurate. We expect fact checking to be conducted at the research and writing stages by our researchers and writers respectively. The third phase of fact checking is then applied as a specific fact check exercise by the editor.

This robust approach to fact checking allows us to strive for 100% accuracy across our reviews, guides and information content.

The Role Of The Editor

The role of the editor is key for every piece of content we publish. We have a content editor and then our editor-in-chief who is responsible for the overall editorial look of the website.

Our editors work closely with our writers to ensure content is easy to read, easy to understand and is professionally produced. Again, our editors are also responsible for fact checking.

Impartial & Honest Approach

Above all else, we have an impartial and honest approach to our work. We are proud to offer such a comprehensive source of information to help people achieve peak mental and physical wellbeing through the use of natural supplementation, and we believe that this honest and impartial approach is why our readership trust our opinions.