Prime Male Review

Our PT and Nutritionalist John Dixon takes a good look at this T-Booster in our full Prime Male review. Find out how he got on with it and whether it’s a good supplement for increasing your T levels below…

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Low testosterone output can be ruinous for your health. Though women can suffer when their output is impaired, men will typically suffer worse. They produce significantly more and rely on far higher levels to maintain optimum wellbeing.

This will be an issue for most men. Some may naturally suffer from low testosterone output no matter what. There are also lifestyle factors that can harm your testosterone output – sedentary living, obesity, alcohol consumption, a lack of sex life, to name just a few. We will also all begin to create less testosterone as we age – production falls year on year after about the age of thirty.

Low testosterone can lead to sexual dysfunction, impaired athletic ability, a loss in muscular density and strength, a loss in bone density, low energy levels and mood, irritation, poor mental health, a lack of drive and focus, impaired sexual function and even increased infertility.

There are certain things you can do to optimize your natural testosterone output. Many lifestyle factors will come into play, as above – things like regular exercise, plenty of sleep, low stress, and a balanced diet (more on this below). Supplementation can also be a great tool in maximizing natural testosterone levels.

Testosterone supplements are not exogenous testosterone sources, such as enhanced athletes might use. Rather, they are natural compounds designed to inspire greater testosterone output within your body.

There are plenty of testosterone supplements on the market. Today, we’ll be looking at one of the better ones: Prime Male.

Prime Male Explained

I really like Prime Male. Not only is it made up of very potent, high-quality ingredients, but everything about them is fully transparent. There are no ‘hidden formulas’ or ‘proprietary blends’ here. You know exactly what you’re getting with each dose. The official website even takes a good deep dive into each of their ingredients, so you can fully educate yourself about what the supplement is designed to do.

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They are also transparent about their facilities and manufacturing processes. It is formulated and sold by the UK-based company Roar Ambition Ltd, but it’s all made in the USA under the strictest cGMP guidelines. All their facilities are FDA approved.

Everything is entirely natural, too. The whole formula is made up of natural compounds all specifically included to boost your natural testosterone output.

This improved natural testosterone output is real, too, and it brings a great many benefits. Not least, it works to undo many of the symptoms mentioned above.

It can give you more energy, with a clearer mind, better focus, and more drive. You should experience an increased libido taking it, including stronger erections and more intense orgasms. It should improve your athleticism, too, though we’ll go into more detail on all of this below.

In short, Prime Male is a well-constructed supplement designed for daily use, made from high quality, potent compounds known to bring benefits to natural testosterone production.

Benefits Of Prime Male

The main benefit to taking Prime Male is the improved natural testosterone output it should elicit in consumers. In turn, as we have seen, testosterone should bring about a great many physical and mental health benefits.

Firstly, testosterone plays a vital role in maintaining healthy libido and sexual function. With optimized levels, you should find your libido boosted. Aphrodisiacs in Prime Male like ashwagandha extract and Korean Red Ginseng are well known to aid with this. You may also find your sexual performance improving, with harder, larger erections.

Then there are the athletic and physiological benefits. Testosterone is also vital in maintaining proper muscle strength, function, and formation. You will be able to build muscle much faster, or maintain levels much more easily, with optimized testosterone levels as protein synthesis improves.

Bone density should also improve. Low testosterone is a lead cause of osteoporosis in older men. Maintaining optimal levels should keep your bones safe and strong into old age.

You will also likely find it easier to maintain a lean physique with healthy levels of body fat. Low testosterone can undermine energy production and utilization. Rather than burning and using fat, you store it. Optimizing testosterone levels will make this extra energy accessible, allowing you to get rid of it.

This will also lead to improved energy levels overall. You will actually be using the calories you consume to power through the day, rather than simply stocking them around your stomach.

Low testosterone levels can also contribute to unbalanced blood sugar levels, which in turn causes energy crashes and spikes, and can lead to developing type 2 diabetes. It can also raise your risk of suffering from cardiovascular concerns, including heart disease. Optimizing your testosterone levels should help to balance out your blood sugar and avoid these concerns.

Certain ingredients included in Prime Male, like piperine, ashwagandha, and Korean ginseng, will further help to metabolize blood sugars. They also contain cancer-fighting and anti-inflammatory properties and can lower cholesterol, further keeping you safe and maintaining heart health.

Finally, there is a cognitive and mental wellbeing component to maintaining the kind of optimal testosterone output that Prime Male can inspire. Low testosterone can lead to sluggishness, fatigue, and mood swings. It can be a significant underlying factor to depression and anxiety. Reverse this and add in the improved fat metabolism mentioned above and you have a recipe for a naturally elevated mood and plenty of clear headed focus and energy.

Prime Male Ingredients 

Of course, all of this rests on Prime Male’s ingredients profile. Everything included in Prime Male is natural, with plenty of organic, herbal compounds included known to provide the kinds of health benefits we are looking for.

D-aspartic acid calcium chelate (D-AA-CC) is a strong opener. You will quite often see it in testosterone boosting supplements as well as those looking to improve rates of hypertrophy (muscle growth). D-AA-CC elicits greater growth (GH) hormone and luteinizing hormone (LH) output. GH and LH together will help to produce more testosterone and will lead to improved muscle gain.

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Then there is the piperine, included in Prime Male as the incredibly bioavailable BioPerine®. It increases the bioavailability of Prime Male’s T-boosters by a factor of twenty. This means that you will be able to restore and replenish natural testosterone levels faster. It is also a fantastic antioxidant, so should minimize free radical damage in the body – common for those leading active or stressful lifestyles.

Prime Male also uses Boron, which is key to regulating natural production of testosterone and estradiol, a type of estrogen. Taking just a few mg of boron daily for a week can significantly decrease estradiol levels whilst equally significantly increasing free testosterone levels.

It can also reduce inflammation and increase the bioavailability and half-life of another key ingredient for testosterone health: vitamin D, which I’ll get to shortly.

Prime Male also gives you a good dose of high-quality Korean Red Ginseng root. It has been used for centuries in Chinese herbal medicine to promote general wellbeing and work as an aphrodisiac. It should help to improve libido and sexual performance. It is also one of the best antioxidants going. Korean Red Ginseng should lead to improved brain function and energy levels, whilst giving you an immunity boost. It should even contain anti-cancer properties.

The polyphenolic plant flavonoid luteolin comes next. It is believed to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-cancer properties, much like Red Korean Ginseng. It is also a powerful aromatase inhibitor – simply put, it is an endocrine disruptor that reduces estrogen production and promotes testosterone production through androgen stimulation.

Ashwagandha extract comes next. It has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. There is good reason for this – it can improve natural testosterone production and has been clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety levels, ease depression, even out blood sugar levels and improve brain function.

Nettle root is our final herbal compound. It interacts with SHBG, a hormone that binds with the majority of the body’s testosterone, rendering it useless. The lignans in nettle root extract bind with the SHBG, taking the place of the testosterone. This increases the availability of free testosterone.

Prime Male includes a couple of vitamins and minerals that should aid with optimal testosterone production. These include magnesium, as magnesium citrate and zinc, vitamin B6, which increases the absorption of two of the most important zinc and magnesium, vitamin K2, which boosts testosterone and works synergistically with vitamin D, and vitamin D3, mentioned above. Low levels of vitamin D3 has been linked to low testosterone output alongside improved longevity.

How To Use & Take Prime Male

Prime Male is a little involved. You need to take a single capsule four times per day with a meal or snack. This means that you always need a store on you for mealtimes and that you need to be prepared to eat four times per day – this can be a struggle for those following intermittent fasting protocols, another tool for optimizing testosterone production.

Using Prime Male

Prime Male works well. It really does begin to spike your energy levels quite quickly. I found greater drive and focus within just a couple of weeks. I also found my athletic ability improving quite rapidly, as well as my ability to recover from hard training with fewer, less severe DOMS symptoms (delayed onset of muscular soreness). My waist shrank a little – though I don’t need it to as much as many users will – and my muscle mass felt firmer and larger.

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This points to a fairly important aspect of supplementing for optimal testosterone production, however.

I didn’t just take the pills and wait for my testosterone levels to improve. I lead an active lifestyle, with plenty of weightlifting, walking, and yoga. I eat a healthy, balanced diet, with few processed foods and lots of protein and good fat. This is all important. Rest and relaxation are, too. Typically, I sleep 7-9 hours per night, often supplemented by a midday nap, and the yoga helps to keep anxiety levels down (something I can struggle with).

I also have a healthy sex life, though I’ll not go into details here!

This is exactly the kind of lifestyle you need to live if you want to optimize your testosterone output. Neglecting any aspect will diminish your testosterone levels. Neglecting most or all will be catastrophic – no amount of supplementation will make up for it, no matter how good it is (and Prime Male really is good).

I would absolutely suggest taking Prime Male. However, treat it as just one single tool in your arsenal. There are far more things you can do to naturally raise your testosterone levels. Do these in concert with supplementation for the best results.

Pros and Cons

  • It can optimize natural testosterone production
  • This will lead to more energy, greater athleticism, and heightened libido
  • Overall health and wellbeing should be enhanced
  • Cognitive function and clear headedness should be improved
  • Can aid with body recomposition – losing fat and gaining lean muscle mass
  • Aids heart health
  • All 100% natural ingredients with no known side effects
  • Worldwide shipping
  • You can only buy it on their official website
  • It is on the expensive side
  • The capsules are made from animal gelatin, so aren’t suitable for those following a plant-based diet


What are the side effects of Prime Male?

There are few side effects associated with taking Prime Male. All ingredients are natural and organic, there are no additives or synthetic components, and there is nothing included that should bring about any adverse effects. However, it will obviously hopefully heighten natural testosterone levels. This can lead to increased irritability, heightened aggression, and sometimes mild headaches.

How good is Prime Male?

Prime Male is a fantastic resource for those looking to optimize their natural testosterone production. It should keep natural levels high, delivering all the health and fitness benefits you would expect. The compound is also incredibly high quality, making it one of the best natural testosterone products available commercially.

Is Prime Male safe to take?

Yes, Prime Male is safe to take in the vast majority of cases. The facilities in which it is manufactured are fully FDA-approved, all the ingredients are completely natural, have been scientifically proven to be safe and effective, and have no known side effects.

If you’re unsure, always check with your medical provider before beginning any new supplement regime. However, Prime Male should be good for everyone.


As above, Prime Male works really well. Its ingredients are all potent, high-quality, and combined to work synergistically. Taking it is a bit of a hassle, as you need to take it four times daily at evenly spaced intervals, with food. However, this is a small price to pay for such a good product that really does do what it claims.

Your natural testosterone output will be greatly enhanced and optimized taking Prime Male. Though it should only represent one method for testosterone optimization, with the lifestyle factors mentioned above playing arguably a far more important role, it is a good place to start. It is an easy way to improve your health and wellbeing and live your best life.

Written by John Dixon

John is a personal trainer and part time (although he might say full time) writer here at PathMed. He uses his knowledge of fitness and physiotherapy to deliver real insight in to our reviews and health guides.

John’s military background also brings a real-life perspective to his work.