Best Fat Burners for Women

Written by John Dixon

Fact Checked by: Roger Thomas


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Fat burners can be a bit tricky. They sound too good to be true, firstly. Secondly, they often actually are too good to be true. There are plenty of unscrupulous people out there willing to sell you a product that has little efficacy and a dream, causing you to waste money and time whilst falling short of your goals.

However, some fat burners work well. Some are fantastic. They aren’t magic pills – they are tried and tested formulas for weight loss optimization. We’ve tried a few from some of the more reputable supplement companies on the market and found some that really are great.

In this extensive guide, we are going to be shortlisting the best fat burners for women.

Do note, though, that there really is no such thing as a magic weight loss pill. You can’t take a fat burner, go about your life, habits unchanged, diet unchanged, and expect to lose weight. You can only lose weight with a caloric deficit. It takes a deficit of roughly five hundred calories per day to lose around a pound per week (about half a kilogram). This deficit will need to come from a combination of lower intake (eating fewer calories) and higher consumption (exercising to burn energy).

With the right nutrition and exercise plan in place, weight loss should be simple (though, of course, it’s rarely easy!) A fat burning supplement won’t cause you to lose weight; however, it will make your weight loss process far more efficient. Think of it like this: your calorie deficit will cause 90% of your weight loss; the fat burner will give you that extra 10%, whilst also making the whole process more comfortable and achievable.

This is where fat burners come into their own.

Our Top Fat Burners for Women

A word of warning before we begin. The below are either aimed at, or are suitable for, women. However, they are not exclusively for women. Men will get similar benefits, as their physiognomy is largely similar to women’s. Conversely, women can generally take fat burners aimed at men and expect the same results.

There are a few exceptions, of course. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, there will be certain compounds you don’t want to take, in which case supplementation becomes a little more complex – and in these circumstances you shouldn’t be taking fat burners at all.

Largely, though, the list below is good for all comers. And the items are good, all with proven results from good formulae and are products that we are happy to promote as good quality.

PhenQ Top All Rounder For Women

phenq bottle

PhenQ is amongst the most popular, best-known, most trusted dietary supplements for women, with a global reach and stellar reputation. There is a very good reason for this – it is very, very good.

Manufactured by Wolfson Berg, who have been frontrunners in the supplement industry for over a decade now (which is a long time in the supplement game), PhenQ is one of the best-quality fat burners going.

As with many weight loss supplements, PhenQ focuses on thermogenic fat burning. We will see this cropping up time and time again in the following list. Thermogenesis is essentially the burning of fat for energy. It is a natural process that occurs every second of the day in our bodies to some degree. It is heightened by certain foods and by exercise.

Thermogenic fat burners like PhenQ rely on some powerful ingredients to speed it up more generally, causing you to burn more fat throughout the day than you otherwise would be.

PhenQ’s formula is made up of five powerful ingredients. Each ingredient has been thoroughly researched, giving PhenQ a solid scientific foundation with which to back up its claims. Together, they will allow you to burn fat more effectively whilst reducing new fat cell production. They will also reduce your appetite and cravings, so that you will both be burning more energy whilst finding it easier to take in less energy.

In addition, PhenQ contains caffeine, giving you an energy boost during any slumps. You will be more energetic, with an increased mood and mental clarity by taking PhenQ, which you might find is all sorely needed during a caloric deficit.

All ingredients are natural and side effects are very rare, mild, and short-lived. You can find out more about this excellent supplement in our full PhenQ review.

  • All ingredients are natural
  • There are few reported side effects, all of which are rare and mild
  • Everything is backed by peer reviewed research
  • It burns fat effectively and stops the creation of new fat cells
  • It is appetite suppressing
  • Mood, energy, and mental alertness and clarity all benefit from it
  • The caffeine content may not be suitable for everyone


trimtone bottle

Trimtone is another entirely natural fat burner aimed at women that focuses its efforts on thermogenesis – the same fat burning, energy creating process mentioned above. It will help you to burn through more calories, more effectively. As with PhenQ and many similar products, it also acts as a mild appetite suppressant, making it far easier to maintain a calorie deficit.

Trimtone is also pretty handy to take. You only need a single dose per day to achieve results – one pill, and you’ll find your cravings drying up and your energy levels, and fat burn, rising.

It includes Glucomannan as a principal ingredient, which is always good to see in this kind of supplement. Glucomannan is a type of fiber: fiber expands in the stomach to make you feel fuller for longer, whilst aiding digestive health (which can sometimes suffer during a calorie deficit.)

You also get a good hit from a variety of vitamins and extracts to both maintain a high metabolic rate whilst giving your body vital micronutrients that are sometimes harder to come by with a restricted diet. 

The energy giving profile is also pretty impressive with Trimtone. You get 120mg of caffeine, 100mg of green coffee and 100mg of green tea (both the latter contain caffeine, alongside antioxidants, for plenty of energy). You should probably cut down on caffeinated drinks to compensate, but this energy boost will be very welcome during any calorie cut.

Again, caffeinated products – and fat burners more generally – are not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or for anyone sensitive to caffeine or stimulants more generally.

Trimtone is perfect for those struggling for energy and clarity on their fat burning diet, and for those who suffer with cravings throughout the day. It’s convenient, accessible, and potent.

  • It is fantastic for cutting cravings
  • Thermogenesis is assured from the impressive caffeine and antioxidant profile
  • Energy levels will see a boost from the caffeine, green coffee, and green tea
  • You only need one pill daily, making it very convenient
  • Aside from caffeine, there are few side effects, all rare and mild
  • Again, caffeine isn’t suitable for everyone, especially in these quantities
  • The capsules are not suitable for vegetarians or vegans


leanbean packaging

Leanbean is perfect for those looking for natural, plant-based, vegan-friendly dietary supplements. 

Aside from being vegan, it is also one of the most effective fat burners available, with a solid reputation for efficacy and ease of use. The formula is scientifically coherent, with a range of ingredients included that are proven to work in boosting thermogenesis and reducing hunger pangs and overall appetite. It is also good for boosting energy levels, overcoming the kind of lethargy often associated with calorie deficits, whilst kicking up your fat burning potential.

However, Leanbean is very light on the stimulants, making it a perfect choice for those looking for less of a buzz from their fat burner (or those who are sensitive to caffeine). It has very low levels of caffeine and little else stimulant-wise.

The formula mostly revolves around Glucomannan, the natural fiber that we have seen works wonders for weight loss. It reduces your appetite, making it far easier to maintain a calorie deficit, whilst aiding in digestive health and regular trips to the bathroom.

Leanbean is also pretty clever – it contains Choline and Chromium. Chromium helps to regulate blood sugar levels, keeping them in optimal ranges even during prolonged calorie deficits. This will mean steadier, longer lasting energy levels combined with a lack of hunger pangs. Meanwhile, Choline is a great metabolic booster, allowing you to burn through more calories even at rest.

Together, Glucomannan, Choline, and Chromium will allow you to eat less, maintain healthy digestion and energy levels, whilst boosting energy output, attacking your fat loss from all sides. All this, and it’s completely vegan and suitable for those looking to keep stimulant levels low. It really is a clever formula.

The only downside is that LeanBean takes a little dedication – you need to take three capsules daily, at regular intervals, for the best results. You’ll always have to have a pack on you.

  • FDA Approved product
  • Leanbean is one of the more impressive appetite suppressants on the market
  • It uses a low caffeine and stimulant formula
  • Sugar cravings should be far more manageable
  • There are no reported side effects
  • Vegan friendly capsules open Leanbean up to everyone
  • You need to take it three times daily for best results
  • Some people may find the lack of stimulants hard going when in a calorie deficit


phen24 bottles

Phen24 is a two-part supplement. One is for daytime use, with the other for night time. Each pill has different ingredients, with profiles best suited to either waking or sleeping hours.

It is our first introduction to ‘night time fat burners’ – fat burners that are designed to optimize night time metabolism while you’re sleeping, eliciting thermogenesis without giving you any stimulants such as caffeine.

In this way, it’s incredibly clever and very effective for round the clock fat burning.

During the day, when you want to be active and have plenty of energy, your metabolic rate will generally be quite high.

It will be a lot higher than it will at night, especially during sleep. The daytime pill compliments and accelerates this process, ramping up your metabolic rate whilst giving you plenty of stimulants to keep you up on your feet.

During the night, you don’t want your metabolic rate raised too high. This can affect your sleeping, causing sleeplessness, even insomnia, for many people. The night time formula therefore allows your metabolic rate to stay quite low whilst also depressing certain hormone levels – particularly the ‘stress’ hormone cortisol – whilst will in turn lead to calmness and decreased sugar cravings.

Daytime ingredients include stimulants and thermogenesis inducing ingredients such as caffeine, cayenne pepper, and guarana, alongside energy promoting micronutrients like zinc, iodine, and copper. These should all combine to promote fat burning weight loss whilst keeping you alert, with elevated mood and energy levels.

The night time formula, on the other hand, includes Glucomannan, for lasting fullness, and metabolism boosting and normalizing ingredients such as ascorbic acid, plyridoxine HDL, chromium and thiamine. 

  • Phen24 is a refreshing take, keeping you in an optimum fat burning state 24/7
  • Clever ingredient use will lead to lasting fullness and fat burning
  • It should normalize blood sugar and metabolic rates
  • Certain ingredients can lead to improved muscular formation and maintenance
  • The daytime capsules contain caffeine, which may be unsuitable for some 

Powher Cut 

powher cut for women

Powher Cut, from the supplement company Powher, is a very interesting, quite unique dietary supplement.

It is caffeinated – quite highly so, in fact. The formula revolves around a fantastic blend of natural stimulants, fibers and minerals. The main aim is to allow you to maintain peak energy levels whilst cutting the calories, giving you plenty of scope for hard training in the gym. It will also help to kick up the fat burn by increasing thermogenesis, whilst keeping you fuller for longer with plenty of fiber.

Obviously, this all combines to give you a very potent weight loss tool, especially if you’re wanting to hit fitness goals at the same time as losing weight.

As with many products on this list, Powher contains Glucomannan. This will help you to feel fuller for longer, reducing your overall appetite and cutting down any hunger pangs, all whilst allowing for improved digestive health even through a calorie restriction. The caffeine will increase your metabolism, even at rest, whilst giving you more energy. The minerals included will add to this, whilst improving your micronutrition intake (as above, often sorely needed through a calorie deficit).

Powher is perfect for those looking to remain active and keep up intense training – or simply live an active, energetic lifestyle – where a calorie deficit might often make doing so challenging. You’ll have energy to spare to hit the gym and get done what needs doing.

Like many of the fat burning supplements aimed at women on this list, Powher is very much aimed at women and will be used pretty much solely by women due to the marketing of it, but it is a great fat burner whether you are male or female.

  • Phen24 is a refreshing take, keeping you in an The stimulants involved in Powher will give you the energy you need for hard work
  • All ingredients are natural and well tested
  • All ingredients are supplied in optimal dosages
  • Powher works as a great appetite suppressant
  • The caffeine content may make Powher unsuitable for some people

Instant Knockout 

instant knockout bottle

Instant Knockout has a bit of a high-octane pedigree. Originally developed for MMA fighters and professional boxers, it is designed to give plenty of energy for athletic performance whilst enabling them to burn fat and build muscle. It does this, as do many other items on this list, by both reducing appetite and boosting metabolic rates. Added stimulants lead to heightened energy levels and mental alertness.

All ingredients used in Instant Knockout are completely natural and well-tested. They include the kinds of vitamins, minerals and stimulants found elsewhere on this list, all shown to help boost athleticism and weight loss. 350 milligrams of caffeine form the cornerstone of Instant Knockout’s efficacy, giving you plenty of energy to train effectively even during a calorie deficit.

Instant Knockout also uses cayenne pepper, green tea extract, black pepper extract, and various D- and B- vitamins to ensure optimum thermogenesis at all times. It has been proven to improve insulin sensitivity, making it suitable for diabetics and perfect for preventing cravings and energy crashes. It has recently been made suitable for vegans and vegetarians with a redesign of their capsules too.

It is good for anyone (women included) looking to burn fat and improve energy levels. However, take it 30-60 minutes before a workout to get Instant Knockout at its best – the energy kick will get you through even the most grueling of sessions.

  • It has a very high caffeine content for improved athletic performance
  • Thermogenesis is improved through a wide range of ingredients
  • All ingredients are natural
  • It is vegan and vegetarian friendly
  • It works best in conjunction with a heavy workout schedule, to which many people might not be able to commit
  • The caffeine content may be too much for some


phengold for women

PhenGold, created and manufactured by Swiss Research Labs Ltd, is another incredibly popular, effective weight loss supplements with plenty of adherents and fans. It uses all-natural, well-researched, high-quality ingredients to improve metabolic processes in the body and support weight loss.

It is mainly aimed at the metabolic side of things, aiming to promote thermogenesis and boost fat burn and energy use. This helps you to make the most of a calorie deficit by improving the rate at which fat is used up. It will also help to maintain higher energy levels as more fat is used for energy, giving you lasting clarity and the wherewithal to do what you need to do, no matter how far into a calorie deficit you might be.

With this in mind, PhenGold includes plenty of green tea extract, caffeine (225 milligrams of it, which is on the higher side of things), and cayenne pepper for heightened energy levels and metabolic function.

It also includes 150 mg of the nootropic dimethylaminoethanol for improved brain function and mental clarity, which really does set it apart from some of its competitors. Finally, L-theanine should reduce stress levels whilst a range of B vitamins will help you to better process fat and carbohydrates.

PhenGold contains no GMO, synthetic ingredients or additives. It is entirely plant-based, so vegetarian- and vegan-friendly.

  • It is a very effective metabolic booster
  • It leads to improved energy levels and mental clarity
  • Energy dips should disappear
  • There are some good multi-buy discounts on offer for the price conscious
  • It isn’t the best appetite suppressant, focusing instead on boosting metabolic rates
  • The caffeine may not be suitable for everyone

Do Fat Burners for Women Work?

The short answer is that yes, as we have seen, intelligently designed fat burners can work incredibly well, both for women and men. They cannot really do all the work themselves. Again, as we have seen, they are sort of the icing on the cake. They do the final push. However, you do need to put the groundwork in – you need to bake the cake! This means maintaining a calorie deficit through a mixture of eating fewer calories and burning more (dieting and exercising).

When you have your nutrition and training sorted, fat burners come into play very well.

Some of the ingredients we have seen will help you to feel fuller for longer – the fiber glucomannan is perhaps the best example of this. Some will help you to keep your metabolism in peak condition – cayenne pepper, caffeine, green tea extract, and so on. Others will give you the energy you need to function well and train through a calorie deficit – again, caffeine is perhaps the best example, here.

It is worth reiterating that taking female focused fat burners without putting the work in will not achieve the results you want. Fat burners get a bad reputation in part because people mistake them for miracle magic pills that allow you to eat what you want whilst losing weight. Then, when they don’t work, people blame them, saying they are full of fake promises. This misses the point. They are a supplement, not a cure.

When the body uses fat cells as energy, it produces heat. Most of the ‘fat burning’ comes from this increased metabolic rates and thermogenesis – the creation, or really utilization, of energy from fat. If we can ramp up thermogenic response, producing more heat, for example, we can use more energy, in the form of calories.

Therefore, when you see ingredients such as l-carnitine, vitamin B6, capsaicin, caffeine, green tea extracts, and cayenne pepper, which are known to boost both, you know you’re going in the right direction. Taking a range of these should increase the number of calories you need for any given action, even resting.

As I’ve mentioned, fat burners will generally work as well for women and men alike. Women and men process and burn fat in very similar ways. However, there are some small differences.

For example, women generally experience more food cravings than men, according to research. Typical women will experience up to 15.6% more cravings than typical men. Fat burners that lead to satiation and help to get rid of hunger pangs and cravings are therefore key in working for women.

Women and men can also have different tolerance levels when it comes to stimulants such as caffeine. This is particularly the case for women with higher estrogen levels – they will have a much lower tolerance to caffeine than men. As with everything, this is highly individual, so if you can take a lot of caffeine, fair enough. However, it is often a good idea to seek out supplements with slightly lower caffeine contents – women’s supplements will typically have less caffeine than like-for-like supplements for men. It is also rare to see particularly powerful stimulants such as guarana, taurine, and synephrine in supplements for women – though far from unheard of, as we have seen.

How To Choose Good Fat Burners for Women

The short answer is to pick a likely looking one from our list above – they are all fantastic products with great track records!

However, there really are hundreds – if not thousands – of ‘weight loss cures’ in the world, many of them billing themselves as ‘fat burners’. Most of them really are snake oil. They are magic pills that do nothing for you.

The ingredients will be key, always, in picking a good fat burner for women. We’ve already seen most of the usual suspects that you should expect to see in any good fat burner. If it uses any of them – those mentioned above such as l-carnitine, vitamin B6, capsaicin, caffeine, green tea extracts, and cayenne pepper – or any combination of them, it’s probably going to be a good buy. If you’re unsure about a product, Google the constituent ingredients. If they are legitimate weight loss and fat burning tools, go for it.

If a product doesn’t give you an ingredients list, don’t buy it, ever.

Trace amounts of many compounds won’t be sufficient, either. Look at dosages between products. Many larger compounds should be measured in milligrams. Vitamins and minerals will typically be measured in micrograms. The more the merrier, generally (except with stimulants – handles these with care!)

Finally, look at reviews and testimonials. There is nothing quite like word of mouth. The above list is attractive because everything is tried and tested. Plenty of people have used them to great effect. We have seen them work, so they will probably work for you. Reviews are easy to find – on companies’ own sites, on third party vendor sites like Amazon, from independent professional reviewers like us.

What To Avoid When Buying a Female Fat Burner

We are always trying to avoid products that have little or no efficacy, so you don’t just need to know what to look out for in a positive sense. You need to know what to avoid.

Firstly, as above, avoid anything that doesn’t list all of its ingredients, or at least its active ingredients. You need to know what you’re putting in your body. At best, you might be wasting your money on rubbish that doesn’t work. At worst, you might take something dangerous.

Secondly, there are some ingredients you actively want to avoid – these are the dangerous things you don’t want to be taking. Avoid the following:

Dinitrophenol (DNP) is a heavy hitting metabolism booster that can be fatal. It is also highly illegal, so if you come across a product claiming to contain it, report it to the relevant authorities. Do not be tempted to buy.

Ephedra increases your blood pressure and heart rate as well as helping you to lose weight. Increases to both will put you at risk of chronic conditions such as heart disease and stroke.

M-synephrine also increases blood pressure and heart rate, though less noticeably than ephedra. It can be safe enough by itself but can be very dangerous when combined with stimulants such as caffeine. It can also cross the blood-brain barrier, so you really don’t want to be putting it in your body. It’s also often sold as p-synephrine or o-synephrine, so be careful of these, too.

Finally, go with your gut instinct. If a manufacturer or vendor smells fishy, avoid them. Buy from trusted sources. Official stores, both in-person and online, are a great place to go. 

Female Fat Burner FAQs

Are Fat Burners Safe?

Yes, fat burners should be safe for most people. Do make sure to follow the instructions on the packaging, though. Higher doses will not speed up the fat loss process, but may cause adverse side effects, especially where caffeine is involved.

If you are sensitive to stimulants, make sure to go with a lower stimulant product. If you’re unsure about the safety of using fat burners, consult with your medical provider.

When Should I Use a Fat Burner?

Most fat burners will be specific on timings, though not all are. Always check the label and follow instructions. Most fat burners will be best used around 30-40 minutes before eating, but this isn’t always the case.

Avoid highly caffeinated fat burners in the late afternoon and evening, otherwise you may find your sleep patterns interrupted. 

Do I Need to Exercise While Using Fat Burners?

Exercise is always a good idea, especially when trying to maintain a calorie deficit and lose weight. A fat burner will not work without a calorie deficit, so taking them without taking part in some form of exercise will be unlikely to the yield results you are after.

What Are Night-Time Fat Burners?

Night time fat burners have a couple of properties. Firstly, they will be designed to optimize night time metabolism while you’re sleeping. They are likely to contain ingredients that increase your body temperature.

Secondly, they will generally contain few if any stimulants, so they won’t interrupt your sleep patterns by giving you sudden energy boosts. In fact, many will contain plant extracts that promote relaxation.

What Is the Difference Between Prescription and Over the Counter Fat Burners?

Prescription fat burners are generally more potent than over the counter products. They will be better regulated, with often greater scientific backing. They will also generally contain high doses of active ingredients, which means they may cause side effects.

However, they will only ever be made available with a prescription, obviously, so your medical provider will need to issue them to you.

Healthcare providers will only usually prescribe fat burners where there is an urgent need for weight loss with few other options. They will typically not be the first choice in any medically led weight loss regime.

Over the counter weight loss pills, like those included above, are generally less potent, with fewer side effects, and will supplement rather than elicit weight loss.

Can I Take Fat Burners While Pregnant?

You should not take fat burners whilst pregnant or breast feeding, especially where caffeine or other stimulants are included.

Always talk to your medical provider if you’re unsure about supplementation during pregnancy and post-natal care.

Overall Top Pick

The best supplement going will generally be a very personal matter. What works for you may not work for someone else, and so on. The above list is very broad, however. There is plenty on there. All of them will help anyone to lose weight when used in conjunction with a calorie deficit, healthy diet, and active lifestyle. Each offers something different, too, whether it is being stimulant-free, or being very heavy on the stimulants, or leaning more into satiation or into metabolism boosting.

Therefore, take a good look, think about your own priorities, your health and personal goals, and try one that you think matches well them.

There will always be a clear winner, however. There is always something that stands head and shoulders above the competition, a product that is worth using as a starting point, and often as a lifetime tool. For us, this is PhenQ.

There are few products as well backed up scientifically as PhenQ, few that are so well-researched and so driven by the data and science. It works very well, allowing you to burn off excess, often stubborn fat, whilst decreasing your cravings and appetite levels and giving you the energy and mood boost you need to make a success of your diet.

It is in a class of its own.

phenq bottle

PhenQ – Our Top Pick

PhenQ is consistently one of our top performers in the weight loss and fat burning categories. With an all-natural profile and clinically backed ingredients it is hard to look past this product when it comes to helping the body to burn fat.

Written by John Dixon

John is a personal trainer and part time (although he might say full time) writer here at PathMed. He uses his knowledge of fitness and physiotherapy to deliver real insight in to our reviews and health guides.

John’s military background also brings a real-life perspective to his work.