TestoPrime Review

Our editor Roger Thomas examines just how good this T-boosting supplement is in our full TestoPrime review. Read on to find out if it’s a good fit for you…

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We all need optimal testosterone levels, men and women alike (though men a fair amount more so).

It is pivotal to the healthy functioning of a very broad range of our bodies’ processes. Testosterone is central to maintaining healthy body composition, with low body fat, plenty of lean muscle mass, and strong bones. It is also important for athleticism and certain masculine traits such as deep voice and body hair development, and helps to regulate your immune health.

Testosterone plays more than a simply physical role, however. It helps to regulate mood and emotions, maintains cognitive health, keeping us energized, alert, and focussed.

With low testosterone levels, you will likely find yourself sluggish, with a low mood, unable to focus or find passion for anything. You will find your physical strength diminished, your body unable to produce new muscle or keep body fat off.

This is a problem, especially as you age. We begin to lose around 1% of our natural testosterone levels per year after we hit thirty. This is compounded by lifestyle choices that are becoming increasingly prevalent in the modern world: excess weight, sedentary lifestyles, anxiety and high levels of stress, poor diet and alcohol consumption, excess sugar and sodium intake, and so forth.

There are plenty of ways in which we can naturally optimize our total testosterone levels, though. In extreme cases (known as hypogonadism), you will want to seek medical intervention. However, for most people, a few lifestyle and dietary changes will help. 

Regular exercise, including a couple of hours per week of resistance training, will go a long way. So will a low sugar, high protein, and consuming a fruit and veg rich diet. Staying away from excessive levels of alcohol and drugs, sleeping plenty (at least 7 hours per night), and keeping on top of your stress levels will also play a large part.

So too will supplementation. There are plenty of fantastic, all-natural testosterone boosters out there. Today, I have the great pleasure of looking at one of the best on the market: TestoPrime, one of my favorite supplements going. So let’s dive in and find out why I think it’s so good in this TestoPrime review.

TestoPrime – An Introduction

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So, what exactly is TestoPrime?

It’s been around for a little while, now. Over the past five or so years it has cemented its place as one of the best, most popular natural testosterone boosters available. And this is exactly what it does, in short: it is a natural supplement designed to optimize your testosterone output, whilst also mitigating some of the symptoms associated with low testosterone output.

TestoPrime is suitable for anyone over the age of eighteen, though will be of far, far more benefit to men than to women. You will find yourself less enervated, with a better quality of sleep each night, more energetic during the day, with improved athletic capability, body composition and overall health for taking it.

As a natural supplement, you don’t need a prescription or anything like that to buy or take TestoPrime. However, you should always consult your doctor if you suspect your testosterone levels are low. If they are medically low, you will need a medical intervention. However, if they are normal to low, TestoPrime will help to boost them. 

In fact, many physicians have backed TestoPrime as a natural way to build up healthy testosterone levels. It is well backed by plenty of third party research, and everything goes through third party testing. In short, it is one of the best-quality supplements on the market, with some of the best credentials.

As above, we all lose testosterone as we age. From thirty onwards, we will see a gradual depletion. With it, our energy and vitality, sexual functioning, and natural health will begin to decline; we will lose muscle mass and strength; and we will be more open to disease. Natural testosterone boosters seek simply to redress this, keeping our bodies producing as much as possible for as long as possible.

Natural testosterone boosters generally use a few different methods for both enhancing total testosterone levels in users, and for making that testosterone far more useful and useable.

A daily dose of TestoPrime will improve the amount of testosterone that your body produces and releases into your bloodstream. This, in turn, will enhance your ability to produce energy. The ingredients included will also ensure that the testosterone you create retains its form and is used optimally. Many will redress certain side effects of low testosterone for good measure, improving your libido, energy levels, muscular strength, and fat burning potential, among others.

The Benefits of TestoPrime

There are a great many benefits to be gained from maintaining optimal testosterone levels. This means doing everything suggested above – taking part in regular exercise, including resistance training, eating clean, resting plenty, and, of course, taking a decent testosterone booster like TestoPrime.

TestoPrime will help you to keep your testosterone levels high, thus, obviously, warding off the side effects of low testosterone.

There are a few physical affects you can expect when optimizing your testosterone levels.

Firstly, you will be stronger and will find it easier to put on lean muscle mass. Your overall athleticism will improve along with this. In addition to boosting testosterone levels, TestoPrime should improve blood flow, bringing your muscles and soft tissue the nourishment they need.

You will be able to lose body fat, or maintain healthy levels, far more easily with improved testosterone levels. Low levels will see plenty of fat collecting around your gut and, often, your chest. TestoPrime will help you to shed this fat.

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TestoPrime should also give you greater stamina. You will find your endurance levels improve in any athletic context – indeed, in any context. Recovery will be much faster, too, with fewer and less severe incidents of DOMS (delayed onset of muscular soreness) and other symptoms of fatigue.

High testosterone levels also mean an enhanced libido and improved sexual function. These tend to diminish as we age (luckily, perhaps, as nobody wants to be a horny teenager forever!) However, we can keep both strong, optimizing testosterone to ensure we have a high sex drive with fully functioning equipment.

This is beginning to bring us into the emotional and mental health benefits of maintaining optimal testosterone levels. These are arguably far more profound than the physical benefits.

Your sex drive isn’t the only thing that will be boosted. Your drive and focus more generally will be. High testosterone levels keep you alert, sharp, and energized. It will also boost your mood, keeping you happier and calmer. It can negate the harmful presence of cortisol, the stress hormone, whilst giving you enough of a pick-me-up to stay chipper all day long. 

TestoPrime is entirely natural, and thus is made from completely natural ingredients. The ingredients are all hand-picked and rigorously screened for quality and potency. They are all monitored by an independent, third-party lab, as is the final product.

There are no side effects associated with TestoPrime, in large part due to its natural composition. It is free from additives, colors, flavors or preservatives. There is no gluten, soy, dairy or filler, no nuts; there is nothing nasty at all, here.

Which brings us nicely onto what is included – the ingredients that make TestoPrime what it is.

TestoPrime Ingredients

TestoPrime’s formula reads like a who’s-who of potent testosterone boosting compounds. It is made up of twelve different ingredients, all naturally sourced, as above.

First, you get a full 2000mg of d-aspartic acid. This isn’t a testosterone booster per se. However, d-aspartic acid has been proven to help with increasing muscular strength whilst keeping body fat levels down. This improved power and body composition will, in turn, help to keep your testosterone levels optimized.

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Then we have ashwagandha, one of my favorite supplement ingredients. It is fantastic for keeping your testosterone levels nice and high, and will pretty much always be included in this kind of supplement. It is also proven to enhance your focus and cognitive ability, keeping you alert even as it raises your testosterone levels.

TestoPrime contains 668mg of KSM66 Ashwagandha, one of the most potent forms available.

I also always like to see ginseng in this kind of supplement. Happily, you get 8000mg of panax ginseng per capsule with TestoPrime. Again, ginseng isn’t in itself a particularly potent ingredient for testosterone itself. However, it has been shown to help fight fatigue, boost your energy levels, and improve your libido, so will complement your testosterone nicely.

Fenugreek plays into this, too. It improves sexual function and drive as well as boosting your metabolism, helping you to shed fat and build lean muscle mass.

You get 800mg of it with each TestoPrime dose. Pomegranate helps, too, improving blood flow and sex drive. It should help to keep you free from fatigue. You get a very usable 360mg in each TestoPrime serving.

Then there is a generous 4000mg of green tea. As well as giving you a great dose of antioxidants and a bit of an energy boost, green tea has been shown to stop testosterone from being converted into DHT. DHT is itself potentially harmful and, of course, any testosterone converted to it represent a drop in your total testosterone levels.

TestoPrime comes with a good vitamin complex, too. It contains 8mg of vitamin B5 and vitamin D. Together, these should help your body to convert fat into energy, thus giving you more energy and aiding with weight loss. They should also help you to maintain healthy bones and good immune health whilst fighting the effects of aging.

These ingredients are all decent enough. However, they mostly fight the symptoms of low testosterone, rather than explicitly raising total testosterone levels. Whilst this is welcome, it is inadequate. To really round out TestoPrime’s appeal, we need a few extra ingredients.

Luckily, they are there for the taking. There are four ingredients in TestoPrime’s formula specifically included to optimize total testosterone levels.

The first of these is vitamin B6, of which you get 5.6mg. Vitamin B6 helps control testosterone levels; it keeps testosterone at a high flow in the bloodstream. It is one of the most potent testosterone optimizers going.

Then there is black pepper, with 95% piperine as an active ingredient. Piperine is always a good inclusion in any supplement. It makes everything else in any supplement more bioavailable. However, it is particularly good in a testosterone supplement. It supports absorption and metabolization of testosterone, meaning that you will be able to use your body’s testosterone far more effectively.

You get 1200mg of garlic extract in TestoPrime. This has a couple of benefits. Firstly, garlic has been linked to high testosterone levels. Secondly, it should optimize your metabolic health, giving you more energy and a quicker path to fat loss.

Finally, we have zinc, the true heavy hitter in this compound. Everyone needs high zinc levels in their diet, and almost nobody has them. You get 40mg here, which should be plenty.

Zinc is about the best natural ingredient for raising total testosterone levels. It prevents your body from turning testosterone into oestrogen, allowing you to retain far more of your natural output. It also improves testosterone circulation through your body. It works particularly well with green tea, boosting total, natural testosterone at source.

TestoPrime Pros and Cons

  • Third party tested for quality and efficacy
  • Has been proven to reverse symptoms of low testosterone
  • Can optimise levels of total testosterone
  • Can improve sexual function and libido, strength and athleticism, body composition, energy and cognitive and mental wellbeing
  • Can improve energy levels and stamina
  • High quality, all-natural ingredients, intelligently blended for best results
  • Plenty of positive user reviews
  • Comes with a lifetime money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the results
  • Though it’s a little pricey, there are plenty of bulk offers available
  • Comes with a free e-book
  • Very little by way of stimulants, which may bother some
  • It is on the pricey side
  • Cannot overcome clinically low levels of testosterone, instead only optimising already healthy users’ levels of total testosterone

How To Take TestoPrime

TestoPrime is very easy and straightforward to take. You need to take four capsules daily, which is pretty standard for this kind of supplement, and you can take these all at once, so you don’t have to worry about it throughout the day. You’ll get best results if you take it in the morning, around half an hour before you break your fast.

There is little, if anything, in TestoPrime that works acutely. Acute drugs, like caffeine, for example, benefit you right away, within a few minutes. Non-acute drugs take a while to make their presence known, building up in your system over time. Therefore, you likely won’t feel much different when you first start taking TestoPrime.

Instead, you should expect to see results after about 2-3 weeks. At this point, you should notice yourself thinking a little more clearly, with more energy and focus. You should also notice your muscular strength improving, as well as your ability to combat fatigue. Your libido may heighten, and your sexual function should improve within the first month or so.

Even so, you should take TestoPrime long term to see the best results. As above, it will build up in your system, with results compounding one another over a longer period of time. You should try it for at least three to four months for lasting results (though I would recommend using it pretty much indefinitely, if your budget allows).

You get 120 capsules per container, which is about a month’s supply. I would suggest buying three containers at once as it works out to be very reasonably priced. However, if you really want to save some money, go for six – this is the best bulk discount I could find, though it’s a hell of a commitment.

Finally, I’ve mentioned medical conditions a couple of times. If you have any underlying health concerns, speak to your doctor before taking TestoPrime. It’s safe as the ingredients are all completely natural and side effect free, but your doctor’s input will always be beneficial. If you have medically low testosterone levels (less than 7.6 nmo/L) then you will need appropriate medical treatment alongside any supplementation.


Is TestoPrime safe?

Yes, TestoPrime is completely safe. The ingredients are all completely natural and free from side effects. The formula itself is very open and precise, so you know exactly what you are getting with each dose.

Why boost testosterone?

Low levels of testosterone, especially in men, have been linked to a wide range of health concerns. High levels, on the other hand, lead to improved strength and body composition, immune function, sexual function and libido, and energy levels and focus, among other things. 

Does TestoPrime contain hormones?

No. TestoPrime is a completely natural testosterone booster. It doesn’t contain any form of exogenous testosterone or any other hormone. Instead, it includes ingredients designed to support and optimize your body’s own natural testosterone production, whilst also helping you to overcome the symptoms of low testosterone.

Does TestoPrime work?

Yes, TestoPrime works very well. Of its twelve ingredients, many don’t actively boost testosterone levels. However, they play a good supplementary role, helping you to overcome the symptoms of low testosterone levels. A handful work very well to actively boost testosterone levels, however, including zinc, black pepper and vitamin D.

TestoPrime won’t help you overcome clinically low levels of testosterone. This isn’t what testosterone boosters are for. Rather, it will help to optimize output and testosterone use and availability in healthy adults.


I would recommend TestoPrime to anyone.

Every man needs to look after their testosterone levels. This isn’t about appearing hyper-masculine or overtly butch. Quite simply, optimizing your testosterone levels is one of the most profound methods going for ensuring long-term health and wellbeing across a great many factors and metrics.

If you are over thirty, you should be checking your testosterone levels regularly. You should be taking part in a couple of hours of resistance training per week, eating a healthy, balanced diet with lots of protein, fruit and veg, and you should be sleeping plenty whilst trying to keep your stress levels down.

You should also be investing in a good quality natural testosterone booster. TestoPrime is one of the best. It is incredibly high quality, well formulated, backed by hard data and expert input. It is also pretty affordable if you buy it in bulk.

It gets my vote every time. 

Written by Roger Thomas

Roger is the editor-in-chief at PathMed and has a wealth of knowledge in the nutrition and supplementation space. With over 12 years field research experience and 4 years editorial experience behind him, he has a knack for sussing out the good from the bad.