Karma Probiotic Water Review

Our nutrition expert Kate Harrison explores the benefits of this probiotic water. Find out if it’s a good addition to your supplement regime with our Karma Probiotic Water review below…

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We should all take our gut bacteria seriously. Well, actually, we should take our full body bacteria seriously, it’s just that most of it is from and works within our guts.

There are so called ‘good’ bacteria and so called ‘bad’ bacteria. Bad bacteria results in infection; it arises from infection, too. It is nasty stuff that can have profound ramifications for pretty much every aspect of your overall health and wellbeing.

Obviously, if we can (and we can) we should be tilting the balance as heavily as possible in favor of the good bacteria.

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We can do this by using probiotics. These are supplements designed to inject us with so much good bacteria that the bad bacteria has no chance of winning the fight.

A probiotic supplement will be made of yeast and bacteria. Mostly, you can get them as capsules. They will give you common good bacteria such as lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. These bacteria will be live and beneficial, living in you and working to keep you as healthy as possible. They will ward off the bad bacteria whilst optimizing most bodily systems.

They do this as a part of your microbiome, a very diverse community of organisms that work in conjunction with one another. You have trillions of microbes making up your microbiome. Each microbiome will be a combination of bacteria, fungi, like yeast, protozoa, and viruses.

Most of these will be held in your large intestines, hence we often talk about ‘gut health’ almost synonymously with ‘good bacteria health’. However, a small percentage will be present in the mouth, urinary tract, skin, lungs, and, in women, the vagina.

However, sometimes capsules and pills can be a little bland, a little boring. Sometimes we want a little more pazazz in our lives, right?

This is where Karma Probiotic Water comes into play.

Though other supplements, like ProBiology, do a fantastic job of maintaining a healthy microbiome, I have a real soft spot and a great deal of love for Karma Probiotic Water, one of the healthiest, most refreshing drinks going.

Karma Probiotic Water – What It Is…

There are a couple of things that set Karma Probiotic Water apart from its competition.

Firstly (and pretty obviously), it is a drink. It comes in liquid form, as water, in handy bottles, so you can enjoy refreshment (and delicious flavors – more on this later) whilst you stock up on good bacteria.

Secondly, it has be one of the best quality probiotic supplements I have ever had the pleasure of coming across.

Each bottle delivers a full complement of two billion cultures, which is pretty ferocious to start off with. These all come from GanedenBC30, a patented strain of probiotics which is thought to be far more stable than most others. This means that it can reach the intestines more fully intact, thus delivering the good bacteria it holds exactly where it is needed.

In fact, GanedenBC30 is up to ten times more effective than yoghurt, to which many people rightly often turn for the probiotics.

You also get the patented KarmaCap included. This protects the active cultures in Karma Probiotic Water, meaning, once again, that they get where they are needed intact. It will deliver just about the best probiotic punch of any product currently on the market.

We also can’t overlook the fact that it’s a drink. How does this stack up? Honestly, it’s delicious. Karma offer a few different flavors. All are cool, delicious, crisp, and refreshing. They are perfect for keeping yourself healthy in the sun or sipping all day long for bit of a pick me up.

The Benefits Of Karma Probiotic Water

So, what are the main benefits of using Karma Probiotic Water?

As above, it’s a delicious drink, low in sugar, great tasting, and incredibly refreshing. A cold one straight from the fridge is perfect on a hot day. If you want a good probiotic and a good alternative to soda, this is for you – it’s genuinely lovely.

You also get one of the best, strongest, most available patented strains of probiotics going, with the inclusion of GanedenBC30. As above, this is up to ten times more effective than other probiotic sources.

This is very important. As we have seen, taking in adequate amounts of probiotic bacteria is vital for long term health. The benefits are many and varied.

GanedenBC30 is also incredibly well-backed by scientific and clinical data. In fact, its efficacy is backed by over twenty separate peer-reviewed studies, all of which proved its strength, resilience, and usefulness.

For the most part, the benefits of a good probiotic like Karma Probiotic Water are to be gained in the digestive and immune systems. Healthy bacteria are fundamental in keeping these processes functioning optimally. You also get a good dose of vitamins with each bottle of Karma Probiotic Water, further augmenting these benefits.

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Good bacteria can also help to ease and reduce inflammation. This, in turn, will further aid your immune health, will reduce your risk from autoimmune diseases, certain types of cancer, depression, anxiety, diabetes, heart disease, and can ease symptoms of arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome.

Certain forms of good bacteria can further aid your body’s digestive health. They can keep bad bacteria in check, thus improving your chances of not getting sick. They will help your body to create vitamins, break down and absorb nutrients, and maintain your gut lining.

There isn’t much they can’t do, in fact. Keeping your microbiome health in good order can have a tremendously positive effect on your overall wellbeing. And Karma Probiotic Water is one of the best ways of maintaining your microbiome health at its peak.

Karma Probiotic Water Ingredients

Obviously, Karma Probiotic Water is mostly water, fresh, clear, and invigorating.

This water is infused with other nutrients to elicit the probiotic results we are after from Karma Probiotic Water. It contains the patented probiotic GanedenBC30, a probiotic strain that is almost uniquely strong and rich. As we have seen, it can deliver many times the number of active cultures compared with similar, traditional methods.

It is far from just a simple probiotic, however.

Karma Probiotic Water has a really good vitamin complex. This includes 900 mcg of vitamin A, 15 mg of vitamin E, 16 mg of niacin, 1.7 mg of vitamin B6, 5 mg of vitamin B5 pantothenic acid, and 2.4 mcg of vitamin B12.

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These should underscore the probiotic’s effects, improving immune function, maintaining healthy digestion, and pretty much optimizing every bodily process in which they are all involved (which is a great many!)

You also get 20 mcg of chromium in each serving. Chromium is an essential, trace mineral that we only need in incredibly small quantities. Nevertheless, a small amount can do a lot for your health. It can improve your insulin sensitivity, enhance nutrient uptake, and improve fat, carbohydrate, and protein metabolism.

How to Take It

Karma Probiotic Water is one of the easiest supplements to take that I’ve ever seen. It is, after all, simply a bottle of water. The manufacturer recommends going for between 1-3 bottles daily. I would suggest three is excessive, but it’s safe, so it’s no bother.

Keep it in your bag or fridge and reach for it when you get thirsty. It’s simple as anything.

Using Karma Probiotic Water

Firstly, Karma Probiotic Water is incredibly safe. You can drink plenty without suffering any ill effects, except for maybe an overfull stomach and bladder, with too many trips to the bathroom needed for convenience.

Probiotic foods in general are considered safe.

Some may elicit allergic reactions. However, this is generally down to the probiotic’s format. For instance, you can get it from yogurt, yogurt-based drinks, and some cheeses. These can give you an upset stomach, diarrhea, and a bit of gassiness and flatulence. It may lead to bloat.

This can all happen with any probiotics, of course. However, it is all far less likely to occur with Karma Probiotic Water than with most others.

If you have a weakened immune system – for instance, if you are undertaking chemotherapy or suffer with HIV/AIDS – you may want to check with your doctor before taking Karma Probiotic Water. Similarly, be careful if you have recently had surgery or are suffering from any kind of critical or long term illness. There is a slight risk of infection.

However, your healthcare provider will likely advise you take some form of probiotic to counteract some of the ill effects of all of the above. In this case, Karma Probiotic Water will be perfect.

Having tried Karma Probiotic Water myself, I can attest to a few things. I’m not sure how much it boosted my immune function (although I didn’t get ill whilst drinking it, I’m reticent to allow correlation to imply causation.) I’m also not sure the effect it had on my gut bacteria – or, at least, not in any concrete way.

What I can say for sure was that my digestive health improved; I had plenty of long-lasting, even energy; I was as well hydrated as I think I have ever been; and I got to enjoy some of the nicest flavored water I’ve ever had! Honestly, it’s delicious. If anything, it’s hard not to take. I could easily have used a full week’s supply in one afternoon, had I let myself.

It really is nice in whatever flavor you pick.

Then there is what I suspect. Given my energy levels, improved digestion, and what I know GanedenBC30 should do, I am completely confident that regularly drinking Karma Probiotic Water for a couple of weeks improved my microbiome. I am sure that it improved the balance of my good and bad bacteria, ramped up my overall health and sense of wellbeing, and improved my immune function.

It was a delight to use and, I think, gave me some pretty fantastic health benefits.


Are there any artificial sweeteners or preservatives in Karma?

No, none at all. Karma Probiotic Water uses only all-natural ingredients, as do all of the Karma Water line. There are no artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives. Rather, they use natural stevia from stevia rebaudiana leaves for flavor. In addition, Karma Water products are all completely lactose-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and low in sodium.

Is it safe to drink more than one bottle of Karma per day?

Yes. I struggled to limit myself, in fact, it tasted so nice. Most people can drink between one to three without any kinds of side effects occurring. Everything is safe. The main issue with going above three bottles per day is that your body will quickly reach saturation point, after which all added nutrients and probiotics are useless.

Are the vitamins and nutrients in Karma more potent than in other brands?

Karma Water uses at least twice the volume of nutrients compared to other brands, including up to six times more vitamins than similar drinks. It also uses GanedenBC30, one of the hardiest, most potent probiotics around.

Is Karma Water safe and good for my kids?

Yes, Karma Water is safe for your children. In fact, it represents a great, sugar free alternative to soda. It won’t rot their teeth and bring with it all the other nasty effects that sugary soda give, and it will help to boost their own little microbiomes.


I can’t praise Karma Probiotic Water enough. It’s one of the best supplements I’ve tried out in a long time.

There are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, it is incredibly high quality. This is mostly down to its use of the patented GanedenBC30, which truly is one of the best probiotics you will ever be able to buy. It is wonderful. It is potent and resilient, meaning that it will get a plentiful dose of probiotics exactly where you need them. The vitamin and mineral content is impressively varied and dosed, too, which will all back up the GanedenBC30’s efficacy.

Secondly, it is a really lovely drink. If it wasn’t a probiotic, but was simply a tasty, healthy flavored water, I would recommend it to anyone. Karma Water is a fantastic alternative to sugary, unhealthy, chemical-laden soda. It is a perfect way to refresh yourself, keep yourself hydrated, and enjoy what you’re drinking. I’ve tasted few flavored waters that can compare.

Add the probiotic element and it is a winner on all sides.

It’s not often that something this good for you tastes so nice.

Written by Kate Harrison

Kate is one of our nutrition experts at PathMed and is also one of our in-house writers. There is little that gets past Kate when it comes to nutrition and she has a wealth of experience when it comes to fat loss and supplementation around losing weight. She is thorough in her research and is a real advocate for living a healthy lifestyle.