Athletic Greens Vs Supergreen Tonik

Our nutritionalist Kate Harrison examines two of the most potent super green formulas on the market with our Athletic Greens Vs Supergreen Tonik comparison. Find out which is best right here…

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Super greens powders represent a fast growing corner of the supplements market. There is a very good reason for this – they are largely high quality, profoundly effective, and often sorely needed.

Eating enough varied fruit and veg is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. You should really be structuring your whole diet around them. However, many of us don’t – many people struggle to get an adequately large or varied supply.

This is where super greens come into play.

They are designed to give you the micronutrient load you would typically get from an incredibly varied diet in which you would take in a pretty unrealistic amount of greens. The ingredients come from good, green sources, ground and dried into powdered form for you to add to whatever drink or dish you would like. The number of separate ingredients included in any given greens powder can vary wildly, from as little as seven or eight, way up to above seventy.

But what do they do for you?

Well, the manufacturers claim that they can do a lot. They can give you improved energy levels and mental clarity, better sleep quality, better immune function, greater resilience to stress and anxiety, and helping your overall wellbeing and health. They can keep you out of danger from a great many common diseases, such as most types of cancer, diabetes, various heart conditions, and even certain neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

They are right to claim these things, hyperbolic as they may sound. Plentiful, varied fruit and veg intake, with a wide range of vitamins and minerals, is one of the main things you can implement for keeping yourself healthy. Greens powders help you to do this.

Athletic Greens (AG1) and Supergreen Tonik are amongst the best greens powders going. They are both incredible products, so much so that it can be hard to choose between them. But choose between them you must – one surely has to be better than the other, right?

Let’s see.

Why Take Athletic Greens Or Supergreen Tonik?

We need far more than most of our diets provide. This is where supplementation comes into play. We don’t get anything like the dosing or variety needed for basic micronutrients – vitamins and minerals. We don’t get adequate amounts of antioxidants or probiotics through our standard, Western diets.

Supergreen tonik tub

This is a real problem. These are the things that make us healthy. They will take you from limping along, getting by, to being physically the best version of yourself. Greens powders give us plenty of all of them, making them an almost perfect supplement for anybody looking to optimize their wellbeing.

Both Athletic Greens and Supergreen Tonik are far more nutritionally rich than your average meal. They come packed full of all the vitamins, probiotics, and antioxidants we need. They also give us plenty of fiber, which has a great many health benefits in itself, from keeping our digestive health on track to aiding us in maintaining healthy body composition.

They are also cheap for what they are. If you go to a supermarket you won’t be able to find half the superfoods you might want to optimize your diet. Pretending you could, though, for the sake of argument, you will spend a fortune as you stack your trolley full of spirulina, blueberries, and probiotics. Green powders cut out most of the cost whilst still giving you all the benefits you want; AG1 and Supergreen Tonik both do this.

This means improved overall health as your body gets all the vitamins, minerals and probiotics it needs to run its functions at full tilt.

You’ll feel this at first – largely as an energy boost. You will feel more vital, if that makes sense – it’s a nebulous way to put it, but a couple of weeks on either AG1 or Supergreen Tonik will show you what I mean by it. It will make sense. More concretely, you will be able to more efficiently use calories, especially fat, keeping your body fueled and your mind nice and clear. 

As above, the effects aren’t limited to acute benefits. There will be far less tangible benefits. AG1 and Supergreen Tonik each include plenty of antioxidants, phytonutrients and anti-inflammatory compounds. These all stave off the aging process whilst also keeping you safe from chronic diseases.

Athletic Greens or Supergreen Tonik – Which Is Best?

Either will give you these benefits to some kind of degree, though I’ll get into specifics on each one in a little while. Now we are starting to see that they both work, however, we need to begin separating the two.

Which is better? What stands behind each to make you choose it over the other?

Let’s take a closer look at the two supplements, starting with the brands behind them as we assess Atheltic Greens Vs Supegreen Tonik.

Athletic Greens

AG1 pack

AG1 was founded in 2009 by Chris Ashenden. Since then, it has garnered a reputation as one of the most recognizable, highest quality greens powders going. Ashenden began it as a bit of a personal passion project, having seen a gap in the market (and, more importantly, a gap in most people’s nutrition plans.)

Ashenden and his investors always saw it as a way towards holistic health treatment.

This is represented nicely in their imagery – their logo is designed as a green circle, made to represent the look of a glass – which shows the whole wellbeing approach that greens powders should take.

AG1 does unfortunately fall prey to one of my pet peeves – they use a ‘proprietary blend’ to disguise their dosages. You can’t tell how much of any individual ingredient is included in each serving. This doesn’t undermine AG1’s efficacy – I have used it plenty and can happily tell anybody and everybody how good it is. But it is a niggle.

However, they use 75 vitamins, minerals, and superfoods, all taken from whole foods. This is immense. I can think of only a few greens powders that make use of such a wide array of ingredients – they really do take the idea of whole health seriously.

It’s a great product.

Supergreen Tonik

SG Tonik instructions

Meanwhile, Supergreen Tonik was founded far more recently. Adam Wright, whom I particularly admire, launched the company only in 2018. In the short amount of time that followed, he has managed to really carve out a good chunk of the market with one of the best greens supplements going.

Adam Wright is a sporty type whose life took a bit of a twist. After graduating (with first-class honors) in Sports Physiology and Nutrition, and after spending his younger years as a competition winning long-distance runner and triathlete, he fell victim to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

His rehab and the advice he was getting seemed inadequate. Rather than accepting his lot, though, Wright did his own research and came up with his own greens drink, Supergreen Tonik, which he used to repair his health and get himself back on his feet.

Supergreen Tonik is fully transparent, with everything it includes shown in clear, precise language. Wright forgoes the fairly common industry practice of hiding things behind proprietary formulas in order to keep everything above board, with all of his customers knowing exactly what they are getting.

It uses 38 scientifically proven superfoods, vitamins, and minerals to elicit what the manufacturer’s claim is a bit of a 7-in-1 approach to brain and body optimization. A single scoop gives you 18 vitamins and minerals, alongside a further 16 highly usable superfoods on top.

In fairness, I actually quite prefer AG1. Their formula, though a little obscured, is pretty much industry leading. It is wonderful. However, for ideology and background alone, Supergreen Tonik are keeping pace incredibly well – especially considering how relatively new they are.

The Ingredients

The difference between the two supplements pretty much comes down to the ingredients. It both sets them apart from one another, and above most of their competition. Though I would put AG1 ahead by a whisker based on each supplement’s ingredients lists, both are superlative.

They each contain a good amount of adaptogenic herbs, like ashwagandha and so forth, alongside a good array of vitamins, minerals and added goodies. These will all combine to give you the improved energy, focus, immune health, resistance to stress and anxiety, and overall health boost that you’re after.

Athletic Greens

AG1 ingredients

As above, Athletic Greens contains 75 ingredients. These are all sourced from whole superfoods and give you a full array of vitamins and minerals.

Now, 75 sounds like a lot. It is a lot – it’s very impressive. Do bear in mind, however, that it is all hidden within a proprietary blend, so we don’t know for sure how much of each individual ingredient any given serving will give you. We’re into slightly iffy territory here.

This being said, the list is a good one. AG1 uses some of the best ingredients available.

I’ve written full breakdowns of the ingredients profile elsewhere. I can’t do that today – there simply isn’t enough space if we ever want to get onto Supergreen Tonik.

However, as a brief rundown, you get spirulina, apple powder, digestive enzymes, and probiotics. These all do a lot of the heavy lifting. Your microbiome (broadly speaking, your gut health – one of the clearest signs and causes of good health going) will be in fantastic shape with all of these coming into it. You also get plenty of vitamins C, E, and B6, which will benefit athletes in particular.

SuperGreen TONIK

SuperGreen Tonik’s formula is obviously a lot more open. And, with 38 ingredients, though it can’t compare to AG1, it is in no way a slouch. It puts a hard shift into keeping you well and healthy.

They give you a 7-in-1 blend. I’ve written about this elsewhere, too. There is a lot to cover. However, in brief, you should know that their ingredients are pretty much guaranteed to bring benefits across a wide area. Included are their brain blend, greens blend, and immunity blend, which is where I believe most of the benefits will come into it.

I really like the inclusion of the powerful adaptogenic herbs bacopa, ashwagandha, and Rhodiola root in the brain blend in particular. These are some of my favorite supplements going. They should help you to fight off the symptoms of stress and anxiety, which most of us could use. They will also improve your cognitive function and longer term cognitive health.

Supergreen Tonik ingredients

The greens blend is largely built around dark leafy greens. Think spirulina and kale alongside common superfoods like chlorella and spinach.

The immune blend brings dandelion leaf, olive extract, and garlic bulb to the table. Garlic is a particularly worthy inclusion here, though they are all good. Taken together, they will equip your body to deal far more ably with common infections and illnesses.

AG1 vs Supergreen Tonik: Which is better to live with?

I’m going to talk about something highly subjective as if it is objective, for a moment. Please indulge me – it’s important.

I am, of course, referring to taste and texture. Though we all like different things, a seasoned supplement reviewer like me has a pretty decent handle on what will work for most people. And there is no point in telling everyone to buy something that is hard or unpleasant to take, not when there is something just as good (or perhaps even better) that is far easier to swallow.

You have to live with this stuff every day, after all.

AG1 is far nicer than Supergreen Tonik. I would be very happy drinking it every morning. I would hesitate to include Supergreen Tonik quite so readily, quite so often.

Most greens powders taste a little grassy. This is unsurprising when you think about it. However, it’s hardly appetizing. However, Athletic Greens manages to forego this. I don’t know how they do it, but they do. Their powder tastes really nice.

It also mixes well. There is no green scuzz on top of the drink. This means greater palatability and less gassiness after you’ve drunk it (which can become tiresome when experienced daily!)

This isn’t to say that Supergreen Tonik is nasty. It isn’t. It has a fairly pleasant mintiness. However, this minty taste lies on top of the grassiness. You can still taste foliage beneath it, barely masked by the flavoring.

mixing greens

It also gives you a bit of a foam on top. This is kind of gnarly to look at and drink. It also means gas, which means bloating and flatulence, which is never nice (for you or those around you!)

Though taste and texture are important, they aren’t everything. When living with a supplement, you also need to know that you’re in safe hands. You need to know that it is made in good conditions, to high specifications (they both are) will do what it’s meant to (they both do, very ably), without giving you any nasty side effects.

Athletic Greens is manufactured in New Zealand. Everything is made in a TGA-certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility. They have good third party testing in place, so you can rest assured that what they claim is the truth. They are NSF certified and free from GMOs and other pesticides.

Supergreen Tonik is similarly well conducted. They take their customers’ wellbeing and safety seriously. It is all made in USA in a certified (GMP) facility. They also have some of the best third part testing and confirmation that the supplement market can offer – they are rigorously third-party tested by the Eurofins, a world-renowned body.

You should experience very few ill-effects with either. There will certainly be no medical side effects, no damage done, nothing nasty to worry about. You may experience the effects of gas, particularly with Supergreen Tonik – bloating, flatulence, discomfort, and so on.

It is also pretty common to experience nausea and stomach aches when you first begin taking greens powders. It is best, therefore, to go with half-doses for a week or two as your body adapts. I would also recommend taking it separately to your protein shake – whey and greens powder together is a perfect recipe for painful bloat.


Let’s talk a different kind of green – what kind of dollar are you expected to lay out when buying either.

This is where Supergreen Tonik begin to close the gap, almost drawing level once more with AG1.

Supergreen Tonik is far more reasonably priced than AG1, far more affordable, and, perhaps, slightly better value for money (I really am unsure about this, though, as AG1 really is good!) It will set you back $87 per tub, which comes to about $2.85 per serving. They also offer free shipping on all orders and some decent multibuy discounts – you can get three tubs for $227, saving you about $25 per tub.

On the other hand, a single bag (containing a similar quantity to Supergreen Tonik’s tubs) of Athletic Greens will set you back $99. You can bring this down to $79 per bag with a subscription, but then you are tied into it. You will also have to pay shipping, the price of which will depend on where you are.

You get what you pay for. AG1 is a better product, with a better ingredients profile and far greater drinkability. However, you will need slightly deeper pockets to make the most of it. 


If money is an issue, then obviously Supergreen Tonik will be the better option. You will get a lot, too – so much so that the benefits will be almost as profound as those offered by AG1. The seven blends are great, clear and open, and will undoubtedly improve your overall wellness and quality of life by a great deal.

However, for an extra twenty dollars or so, you can get one of the best overall wellbeing supplements on the market. Athletic Greens have a fantastic ingredients list, even though it is a little obscured. It will give you everything and more.

It’s also a lot more palatable. It will be a pleasure to drink.

I would encourage anyone to dig deep and spend the extra few bucks.

Written by Kate Harrison

Kate is one of our nutrition experts at PathMed and is also one of our in-house writers. There is little that gets past Kate when it comes to nutrition and she has a wealth of experience when it comes to fat loss and supplementation around losing weight. She is thorough in her research and is a real advocate for living a healthy lifestyle.