Razalean Review

Nutrition expert Kate Harrison takes a look at this fat loss supplement in our full RazaLEAN review. Read on to find out whether or not it makes sense to try it…

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Razalean is a bit of an odd one. It is a seemingly decent enough diet pill. However, it is also replete with a fair few red flags. There is a lot of hype tied to it, with the manufacturers billing it as the smartest, most exotic supplement anyone has ever seen (it isn’t). They seem to call it the Ferrari of the diet pill world, with its competitors putting out the equivalent of a horse and cart (also not true.)

According to the advertising, Razalean is the pinnacle of 19 years of research and development, with thousands of hours in the lab underpinning it. This may be true. If it is, though, I would expect something a bit better than what you get.

The manufacturers themselves also seem a little shady, as I’ll get into a bit later on.

You can only buy Razalean online. This doesn’t automatically need to ring alarm bells, but it doesn’t help.

So, with all of this going on, where’s the truth of the matter? Is Razalean as good as the manufacturers claim? Is it any good at all? And how does it stack up next to the competition?

Razalean Unravelled

Razalean’s manufacturers bill it as a weight-loss supplement that can help you get rid of excess fat. It contains a revolutionary, unique blend of natural, fat-burning ingredients, the efficacy of all of which are scientifically proven. It elicits thermogenesis – the creation of heat through the body by using up excess energy, in short – to help you burn through more calories on any given day.

Razalean is also meant to improve stored fat oxidation, further allowing for greater total body fat loss.

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This all sounds OK. Thermogenic supplements can work wonders. I particularly like supplements like Phen24 and PhenQ, which work in very similar ways. However, some of the manufacturer’s claims once again put me on high alert.

Firstly, they seem to claim to have reinvented the wheel. They haven’t – as above, there are plenty of high-quality supplements out there that elicit heightened rates of thermogenesis and optimize metabolic function whilst giving a host of tertiary benefits.

Secondly, they claim that you can lose weight with Razalean without exercising at all. This is an odd thing to say. It’s not untrue. However, you can always lose weight without exercise. All it takes is a calorie deficit.

Granted, it’s easier to create a calorie deficit with an active lifestyle, but it’s by no means necessary. You don’t need any supplement at all to make any of this true.

They don’t seem to mention a calorie deficit either. The inference is perhaps that you can lose weight without making any lifestyle choices by simply taking Razalean. You can’t. This is untrue. You need to eat less calories than those you use to lose weight. Weight loss supplements simply optimize your weight loss, acting as the cherry on the cake.

The manufacturers also claim that Razalean has already helped nearly 90,000 customers to achieve their goals. Great… except that there is no evidence for this. Meaningful user testimony is almost uniquely hard to find. This isn’t great, obviously – products like PhenQ and Phen24 have plenty of impartial user reviews online for anyone to find – you can view our thoughts on those in our top fat burners article here.

The manufacturers are also shady in themselves. I keep having to call them ‘the manufacturers’, where usually in a review I would name the company and go into them a little. However, it’s hard to find any information on Razalean’s manufacturers at all. Their website certainly doesn’t give you any information about them.

Again, this needn’t be damning. However, it is suspicious.

I tried using the site’s privacy policy, which is always a good way to snoop in the absence of a meaningful ‘About Us’ section. The Razalean site doesn’t have a privacy policy, however. The next stop here is generally the terms and conditions page. As you may have guessed, there isn’t one of these either.

This is actually illegal, which takes us from the suspicious to the outright dangerous.

You can infer from the Razalean marketing material that three people run the show. However, after a decent amount of research (and bear in mind that I research supplements and companies like this for a living), I still have no idea who these three people might be. The small print shows an address in Utah, USA, but this is as close as we get to peeping behind the curtain.

The address isn’t a factory, so there’s no way of knowing where these pills are actually made. In fact, it’s a UPS mail forwarding address. So we don’t know where in the world Razalean’s makers are, or where their factory is.

It’s too much. There is too much shadiness involved. The pills may work. Looking at the ingredients, if they are genuinely as they appear, they will offer some benefits. However, I wouldn’t suggest anyone take the ingredients list at face value. Whomever makes Razalean simply hasn’t earned that level of trust.

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Phen24 – Our Preferred Alternative

Razalean is very difficult for us to promote due to the lack of information surrounding the company and a lack of trust in their claims. Our tried and tested preference is for Phen24 which is an ideal solution for both men and women.

The Benefits of Razalean

Let’s pretend for a moment that the ingredients are as they appear, in the quantities they appear, at a decent enough quality to be usable. In this case, there will be a great many benefits to taking Razalean. It contains some of the best fat burning ingredients going. You should find your metabolic rate optimized. In the presence of a calorie deficit (and only then), this will enable to you lose weight far more efficiently than you would without Razalean.

It is also quite potently dosed with caffeine. This has a couple of potential benefits. Firstly, caffeine is itself a good fat burner, eliciting higher rates of thermogenesis. Secondly, we all know what we use caffeine for – it gives us a good energy spike when we need it most. We can often get lethargic and fuzzy headed during a calorie deficit, so some form of stimulant like caffeine is generally welcome. I personally prefer fat burners with caffeine over stimulant free varieties.

The ingredients list is a little lean. This needn’t inherently be a bad thing. Sometimes simple is best. However, with only five active ingredients (or seven, if you factor in the three types of caffeine used), I can’t help but feel that Razalean could do better.

For instance, including a good fibre source like glucomannan would make a lot of sense. It would improve digestive health whilst aiding satiation, keeping you feeling fuller for longer. It’s pretty standard practice to do this and I can’t figure out why it’s not been done here.

There are better products out there. Supplements like PhenQ and Phen24 are far better made, far more intelligently designed, and far more open and honest. I would pick either of these any day. If you want all round, full support, with one of the best, cleverest formulae on the market, I would urge you towards Phen24.

Firstly, everything is open and honest. You can track everyone down and actually talk to people. I didn’t realize this was something worth commenting on, but apparently it is. That’s an easy win for Phen24.

Secondly, you get something a little different from any other fat burner. Phen24 is actually two separate pills – one for daytime, one for night. Together, they should give you 24 hour metabolic support, optimizing metabolic health, inhibiting the creation of new cells, boosting your energy levels during the day, and keeping you full and stable at night.

Phen24 uses pretty standard ingredients like guarana and caffeine, mixed with micronutrients like copper, iodine, and zinc. These will all keep your energy levels and fat burning potential nice and high, whilst also promoting healthy testosterone output.

The night burner is where we get our fibre. It gives you a generous dose of glucomannan, as well as ingredients like ascorbic acid, plyridoxine HDL, thiamine, and chromium. These help to normalize optimal metabolic health whilst aiding relaxation.

It is everything a top shelf fat burner should be and more. It is everything Razalean should be but isn’t.

Razalean Ingredients

As above, if we take Razalean at their word, though the formula is thin, it seems good. It is made up of several well-known, well-researched, common fat burning ingredients. In theory, if the doses are right and the quality is high, they should improve your fat burning potential.

Razalean includes cayenne pepper (or capsicum). This contains capsaicinoids as an active fat burning ingredient. It is well-known and widely used to elicit thermogenesis, with a fair amount of academic research supporting its use. It should help to optimize your metabolic rate, thus allowing you to make the most of a good calorie deficit.

We mentioned caffeine above. Razalean contains a lot. In fact, it includes three different types of caffeine as a broader caffeine matrix – if nothing else, it should pep you up (though ProPlus is cheaper and more reliably available!) These three caffeine types are caffeine anhydrous, citrate, and green tea extract. These will work together to give you a slightly longer lasting energy boost than simple caffeine on its own would.

Caffeine is also a great thermogenic support. It may enhance fat oxidation and lipolysis. Including this matrix is therefore potentially a very good idea, providing you can stomach that much!

Razalean then go a little off script with their remaining three ingredients being slightly left-field (though not necessarily in a bad way).

First up, we have kelp. Kelp is a form of seaweed that contains fucoxanthin, which has been shown to improve fat metabolism. Research suggests that it can lead to a reduction of white adipose tissue whilst also increasing metabolic rates at rest.

Then there is apple cider vinegar extract. Vinegar is used fairly often in various forms of natural remedies. It has also recently been linked to weight loss, improving and optimizing metabolic rates whilst simultaneously restricting fat deposition.

Lastly, you get turmeric root extract. I would recommend this to anyone, no matter their goals. It is one of the healthiest compounds going with too broad a range of benefits to get into here. However, in a weight loss context, we are looking at its bioactive component, curcumin, and curcumin’s link to reduced BMI and waist circumference. It is a correlation rather than a known causal relationship, but the link is strong.

This isn’t a bad list. It could be better. However, if it came from a more trusted source, I would recommend it.

Pros and Cons

  • All natural ingredients, proven to work
  • Plenty of long-lasting energy
  • May help to optimise metabolic health
  • May help you to lose body fat in conjunction with a calorie deficit
  • The high caffeine content may not be suitable for everyone
  • Plenty of red flags from the company
  • No known manufacturer or base of operations
  • Consumer feedback is sparse – what there is tends to be negative
  • No reliable dosing information
  • Expensive when there are much better, similarly priced alternatives out there

How to Take Razalean

Razalean is easy to take. Simply start with one per day, then go up to two when ready. Consider taking your first dose 30 minutes or so before your first meal. Also, be wary of taking it too late in the day as the high caffeine content may interrupt your sleep patterns.

phen24 bottles

Phen24 – Our Preferred Alternative

Razalean is very difficult for us to promote due to the lack of information surrounding the company and a lack of trust in their claims. Our tried and tested preference is for Phen24 which is an ideal solution for both men and women.


Is Razalean safe?

On the face of it, Razalean is pretty safe. The only concern I would highlight would be the high caffeine content, which may be unsuitable for some users. It will always be worth consulting your healthcare provider before beginning on a supplement with this much stimulation.

However, the shadiness with which the manufacturers conduct their business makes me wary of them. It is not to be trusted. Therefore, we cannot fully know how actually safe Razalean is.

How much does Razalean cost & where can I buy it?

Razalean prices change a lot, though they remain pretty much in line with their competitors. You can only buy it online, via their official website.

Does Razalean provide a free trial or refund policy?

The main saving grace for me is that Razalean offer a 100% money back guarantee if you send your shipment back within 60 days, even if its open and partially used. This gets rid of a lot of the risk of being taken for a ride – if it’s snake oil, you can simply send it back.

How should you take Razalean?

Take a single pill once per day, preferably in the morning. This will give you lasting support throughout the day without interfering with your sleep patterns at night. You can raise the dose to two pills daily after a while.


Razalean is not worth it. Even though you can send it back with a 100% refund guarantee, I would still encourage anyone to give it a wide berth. I cannot in good conscience recommend a product from such a shady company, with such big, unsupported claims, with so little testimony and information available.

It’s not even the best-looking formula – it’s fine, but nothing special – so there is nothing to mitigate the downsides.

There are some truly fantastic fat burners out there if you want a good quality product from a reputable company. I would urge you to go for Phen24. It is incalculably better than Razalean.

phen24 bottles

Phen24 – Our Preferred Alternative

Phen24 is a top quality fat burner from well respected company, Wolfson Brands. Their fat burner supplement is ideal for men and women and offers some of the best support for a calorie deficit along with a whole range of beneficial natural ingredients.

Written by Kate Harrison

Kate is one of our nutrition experts at PathMed and is also one of our in-house writers. There is little that gets past Kate when it comes to nutrition and she has a wealth of experience when it comes to fat loss and supplementation around losing weight. She is thorough in her research and is a real advocate for living a healthy lifestyle.