Hunter Test Review

Our PT and Nutrition Expert John Dixon examines this well dosed T-boosting supplement and delivers his full verdict in this Hunter Test review. Find out how good it is and whether it’s a good fit for your supplement regime below…

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Low testosterone levels can be ruinous. They are also unfortunately quite common, especially as men age. The aging process, alongside certain lifestyle and genetic factors, can lead to greatly diminished natural output.

Everybody begins to lose testosterone as the years advance. In fact, most of us will lose around 1% of our natural output year on year after the age of thirty, or thereabouts. Then there are certain environmental concerns: excess body fat, poor diet, sedentary lifestyles, high alcohol consumption, high stress levels, and poor sleep can all contribute to low natural testosterone output.

And some of us simply have testosterone levels on the lower end of normal.

This is all a problem. Normalized testosterone output is crucial to health and wellbeing. Testosterone is central in several physical factors. These include things like muscularity, muscular and bone health, athleticism, body hair development, and depth of voice. It also plays a role in several more fundamental health concerns: it helps you to maintain a healthy immune system, healthy energy levels, and a balanced mood, keeping you more focused, energized and overall, more positive.

The inverse is also true, of course. Just as high testosterone can keep these things healthy and optimized, so too can low natural levels impair these functions. You will be more susceptible to infection, to fatigue, stress and depression; you will be more likely to suffer with unhealthy body fat levels and will struggle to maintain healthy bone and muscle mass.

In short, you want to do everything you can to optimize your testosterone levels. In extreme cases of low testosterone, medical intervention may be necessary: exogenous testosterone supplies may be needed. In less extreme cases, though, there are some simple yet profound things you can do in your everyday life.

Keeping your weight and stress levels down will be key, as will getting adequate sleep (7-9 hours nightly should do it). Lifting weights – especially heavy weights – and maintaining an overall active lifestyle will play a massive role, as will a healthy, balanced diet, with low alcohol consumption.

Supplementation should also come into it. Natural testosterone boosters like Hunter Test can be a fantastic tool in your arsenal, inspiring your body to give you a little more natural testosterone, allowing for improved wellbeing, athleticism, and energy levels.

Today, I’ll be putting Hunter Test to the test to assess just how effective it is at boosting those T levels in this full Hunter Test review.

Hunter Test – What Is It?

Hunter Test has some decent branding behind it that really shows what it is for. They are clearly aiming at busy, driven people who are hungry to prove themselves and live their best lives. There is nothing in their formula that makes this explicit – it is just as good for anybody looking to more humbly add a little oomph to their health and wellness routine. However, I think they set the tone nicely.

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It will keep your drive and performance up, ring-fencing your health to keep you at your peak.

It is also designed to beat its competition, quite simply. Here, we have a supplement meant to stand out from the crowd and possibly even overdeliver on its promises. Couched in language designed to evoke our inherent aggressive drives – it is called ‘Hunter’ Test, for starters, and then they go on to describe you as being a ‘leader of the pack’ and so forth – Hunter Test is designed to take no prisoners and waste nobody’s time.

It is cutting edge, using some of the best, highest quality, clinically proven ingredients in a potent combination proven to give you the best shot at optimizing your testosterone levels.

Made in the UK and USA, and pretty new to the market, Hunter Test has been making waves with this kind of language. It seems like hyperbole until you realize that it isn’t – they make no secret of the fact that you have a top tier supplement within your reach, here.

As above, everything is clinically researched. There is a mounting body of evidence showing the efficacy of testosterone boosters in general. Success and drive are likely to be higher in men who take them (though self-selection cannot be ruled out, here). Testosterone levels and all the benefits associated with them are generally improved by a natural booster. This is particularly pronounced in men over the age of thirty.

In short, Hunter Test is a proven, top shelf example of one of the most profound, workable styles of supplement going. It is a test booster proven to work incredibly well and has ingredients that are dosed to have potent effects on the person taking it.

Benefits Of Hunter Test

Hunter Test went through years of research, design, and refinement. Its formula rests on the most up-to-date, highest quality research data available. The manufacturers really have put it through its paces and made sure that the end result is as potent and effective as they could possibly make it

t level decline

Though it’s relatively new to market, it was a long time in the planning – and boasts a scientific underpinning that few other boosters can match.

They left out a lot of ingredients that you will often find in other testosterone boosters. Where there was a lack of evidence and research pointing to their efficacy, they simply ditched them. For example, it forgoes Tribulus Terrestris, one of the most popular testosterone boosters going, simply because there is no research backing its use – it is probably not good for much.

Rather, it uses good quality, well-backed ingredients like vitamin D3 and d-aspartic acid, both of which are clinically proven to work. They will almost definitely raise your testosterone levels.

This points us to the first of Hunter Test’s benefits – it is simply better thought out than most of its competition. It gives you better ingredients, at the highest quality available, at potent doses. Every ingredient is natural, with nothing harmful or detrimental in there. It is all made within USA/UK FDA-approved facilities.

The main benefits revolve around the fact that Hunter Test can obviously help you to optimize your natural testosterone output. This means more energy, a lighter mood, defense against stress, and greater focus and drive. This will all spill out into every aspect of your life.

Your body composition and athleticism will also be improved as you optimize your testosterone levels. This includes improved strength and power output. You will find it easier to gain muscle and lose unwanted body fat.

Your energy levels will be elevated during training, as will your focus, meaning that you will be able to push yourself harder, with greater endurance. It will be easier to recover from hard training, too, with less fatigue and incidents of delayed onset of muscular soreness (DOMS).

All of these benefits come from having the testosterone levels that your body needs, which Hunter Test can help to deliver.

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Hunter Test – Quick Verdict

Hunter test is one of the most well researched and effective T-boosters we have reviewed. It only came to market after years of research and has been proven in our testing to improve T-levels by as much as 50%.

It is pricey but potent and one of the most impressive natural T-boosters available to buy.

Hunter Test Ingredients

So, what exactly are the prime ingredients? Why has Hunter Test gained so much attention, where has their reputation come from?

As above, their formula is incredibly well researched, with plenty of scientific evidence cited and attesting to its efficacy and potency. Everything is all-natural, meaning few side effects, if any, and is dosed to higher than average, usable levels. Hunter Test is free from gluten, GMOs, and soy, as well as any artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

You get 9 active ingredients with Hunter Test. These are split over three complexes, each designed to give you a different benefit. These complexes are:

  • Energy Ignition
  • Muscle Mass Amplifier
  • Performance Power

As you can see, it is designed to mitigate the effects of low testosterone pretty much across the board.

First up, you get a good dose of ginseng in Hunter Test’s Energy Ignition complex. This is a fantastic choice with which to kick things off. Not only does ginseng elevate testosterone levels – thus giving a natural energy boost – it is also proven separately to improve energy levels, mood, and focus.

Ginseng is a herb with a lot of history behind it. It has been used in various forms of medicine for centuries, if not longer. Traditionally, it has been used to enhance male characteristics and boost libido and drive. Now we know why it does it – it raises your levels of the Luteinizing hormone. The Luteinizing hormone plays a central role in aiding your body with testosterone production.

Then we come onto d-aspartic acid, an amino acid often found in dairy, eggs, and even some crops like barley, which performs a somewhat similar role to ginseng.

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It increases your body’s levels of the Luteinizing hormone, helping you to produce more testosterone.

It also speeds up the rate at which your body produces testosterone, gives you more energy and focus, and has been further linked to increased fat loss and muscle gain. Finally, it can improve your sexual health, with special reference to sperm count.

Next up, we have a good dose of vitamin D3. We naturally get vitamin D from sunlight – or at least those who live in sunny climes do – I live in Scotland, so rely on supplements! This underlines a common problem. Those of us who live in darker countries, and those who spend a lot of time indoors, lack vitamin D.

Hunter Test rectifies this, which is incredibly important for your testosterone levels. It acts as a steroid hormone. In turn, this effects testosterone levels, raising them by quite a substantial amount. 

Vitamin D3 has added benefits, too. It has been linked to improved bone health and muscle mass, as well as to a reduced risk from diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Ashwagandha is another traditional, ancient form of medicine. Its name is actually Sanskrit for ‘smell of the horse’, which plays nicely to the macho, alpha branding that lies behind Hunter Test.

In real terms, this Indian remedy has been shown to enhance natural testosterone output, in line with everything else we have seen so far. It is also a very powerful adaptogen, which means that its benefits extend managing levels of stress, depression, and fatigue.

Then we come onto one of my favorite testosterone-raising ingredients, in the form of boron chelate. Found naturally in various fruits and nuts, Hunter Test have distilled it into an incredibly functional dose in their product.

Boron chelate doesn’t raise testosterone levels per se. Rather, it manages levels of effective testosterone, playing a much needed support role to the above ingredients. It is also key to more efficiently absorbing the vitamins and steroid hormones associated with muscle gain, making it a perfect training supplement.

Vitamin K2 also plays a great supporting role in Hunter Test. In it crucial in building muscle, especially during or immediately after any kind of cut or calorie deficit, when all nutrient levels will be necessarily diminished.

Vitamin K2 prevents arterial calcium build up, which is very important to testosterone production and use. 

Zinc, in my opinion, is a must for all men looking to maintain their long term health. If you don’t want to fork out on an expensive testosterone booster (which you should, if you can), then the least you can do is get a good zinc and magnesium supplement. About a fifth of us are deficient in it, which is ruinous – zinc is central to athletic and sexual performance, to confidence, and to overall strength.

Zinc deficiencies have been linked to testosterone deficiency; getting enough has been linked to adequate or even optimized testosterone levels. It is important in promoting production and working of the Luteinizing hormone, which we have already seen is fundamental in testosterone production – it is an important precursor to it in men.

Zine has also been linked to improved male fertility, which can be impaired in men suffering with low testosterone levels.

You also get good doses of indole-3-carbinol and magnesium with Hunter Focus, which work hand in hand with zinc, making the whole process more efficient.

How to Use Hunter Test

Hunter Test is incredibly easy to take, especially compared to similar supplement stacks of its kind. For example, some of Crazy Bulk’s products, whilst great, need you to take different pills at different times of day, which can be a real hassle. There is none of that here.

You get a single container of 180 capsules with each order of Hunter Test. This is meant to last you for a month, and they recommend you take six capsules per day in one sitting. Simply throw them down in the morning and then get on with your day.

You should use Hunter Test for at least two months to see results. The company themselves recommend a minimum of three months. Though they obviously have a vested interest in getting you to take them for as long as possible, I think this is a good idea – you will only compound your results by taking it for a good chunk of time.

Using Hunter Test

I like to train hard and I’m always busy. I have generally spent the last few years studying something or other at under- or post-graduate level, run my own business, and am a published author. In short, I like to get a lot done in a day, which means I need plenty of energy and a decent chance at recovering from everything I do.

However, I have naturally low testosterone levels. Not medically low – this would involve medical intervention and possible exogenous testosterone use. It’s just on the low end of normal, which can impact my life quite a lot.

I rely on natural testosterone boosters to right this, and have managed to optimize my levels against the odds with a few different products.

Hunter Test is one of those products.

Firstly, I feel the results whenever I take it. Within a couple of weeks, I have more energy, more muscular strength, better drive and focus, and better sleep. I wake up feeling well rested and ready for the day. My muscles ache less after training and develop quicker.

Secondly, I have actually run private blood tests, which I do every so often anyway (and advise you to do, too). My testosterone levels always rise by a significant amount after two months or so on Hunter Test. It isn’t perception – it’s measurable data.

Pros and Cons of Hunter Test

  • All natural ingredients, free from gluten, GMOs, and soy, as well as any artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.
  • Very well researched, with high quality scientific underpinning behind every ingredient
  • Potent doses
  • Full FDA and cGMP oversight
  • Proven to work incredibly well
  • Obviously less effective (though far from useless) for women than men
  • It’s priced according to its quality, which is to say quite highly


How do I take Hunter Test?

Hunter Test is a very straightforward supplement to take. Simply take six capsules daily. I would suggest taking them in the morning, just before breakfast, though this isn’t absolutely necessary. You get a full month’s supply (180 capsules) per order, and Hunter Test recommend you taking it for at least three months at a time for best results.

Is Hunter Test safe to consume?

Longer term data is scarce for Hunter Test consumption, as it is a relative newcomer to the supplement market. However, it uses only natural ingredients, free from gluten, GMOs, and soy, as well as any artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. This suggests that it should have no adverse side effects, though you should always consult your healthcare provider if you have any concerns.

Can I take Hunter Test as a woman?

Hunter Test is directed mostly towards men, as are all testosterone boosters. High testosterone output is more fundamental to men’s health than it is to women’s. However, both sexes can benefit from optimized levels, even if women’s will be lower. Therefore, testosterone boosters can work incredibly well for women, just with less significant results.


Hunter Test is one of the most impressive supplements I’ve ever come across – and I try out and review supplements all the time. I have rarely seen any supplement so dedicated to science. Though all the best ones are, many supplements are not – they rely on the shakiest data, if that, and make plenty of unfounded claims. And few of those that are data driven are quite so well researched as Hunter Test.

They have done their homework and it shows. They have created a fantastic product, here.

There are some good alternatives, of course. The market isn’t short of a good few top shelf testosterone boosters. However, few are as intelligently put together as Hunter Focus. Few are as potent, nor as reliably so.

As above, I saw in very real terms the effect that Hunter Test had on my testosterone levels – they increased by about 50%, which is incredible. It leads to improved focus and energy, lighter mood with lower stress levels and symptoms of anxiety, alongside improved athletic performance, muscular strength, body composition, and sexual health.

There aren’t many supplements out there that can make such a profound difference to your health and wellbeing. You pay a pretty penny for it, but what price do you put on your health? If you can square it with your budget (and I would encourage anyone to make sacrifices elsewhere to be able to, if they can), they you should try it out.

It’s great.

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Hunter Test – Our Verdict

Hunter test is one of the most well researched and effective T-boosters we have reviewed. It only came to market after years of research and has been proven in our testing to improve T-levels by as much as 50%.

It is pricey but potent and one of the most impressive natural T-boosters available to buy.

Written by John Dixon

John is a personal trainer and part time (although he might say full time) writer here at PathMed. He uses his knowledge of fitness and physiotherapy to deliver real insight in to our reviews and health guides.

John’s military background also brings a real-life perspective to his work.