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If you have concerns over your memory, focus, attention or energy levels then the chances are you could benefit from a nootropic supplement such as NooCube. The question is, is NooCube all it is cracked up to be and how does it actually perform?

We aim to answer all of your questions around this potential brain boosting supplement in our full NooCube review.

About NooCube

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NooCube is one of many nootropic supplements available to purchase online and although it can seem like a bit of minefield navigating the various brands, this one is brought to us by Wolfson Brands, a UK limited company that is well known to us here at Pathmed and one that produces a range of natural supplements that often come highly recommended in our buying guides and reviews.

Although the company is based in the UK, they have FDA approved manufacturing facilities in the US and also ship globally from their US and UK warehouses.

In addition to this, they offer online chat support as well as telephone support from the United States and the United Kingdom. We spoke to the company a couple of times of the telephone and both times we were impressed by the customer service and product knowledge of the advisor.

As mentioned, NooCube is a completely natural product that only contains natural ingredients. It does not contain caffeine (which many nootropics do) and we think this is a good thing as the acute fast acting stimulation achieved by caffeine is easy to mistake as having your cognitive functioning improve – it also means you can still maintain your usual coffee or tea drinking habits whilst taking NooCube if you so wish.

Every ingredient that goes in to NooCube is backed by scientific and clinical studies and these are referenced on the NooCube website. The studies that they cite are generally pretty conclusive in their findings and are dated between 1999 and 2015 – so the data used is pretty up to date.

It’s worth mentioning that the scientific understanding around nootropics is not that extensive and so although there are no studies cited more recently than 2015, this is not unusual in this field of research.

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We found NooCube to be a highly effective nootropic with a science-backed ingredient profile that is unrivaled at the present time.

NooCube Benefits

Like most supplements, NooCube is promised to offer a range of cognitive benefits. In this NooCube review we will be assessing just how effective the supplement is at eliciting such benefits – so let’s take a look at the benefits on offer:

Heightened Levels Of Concentration & Focus

One of the key overall aims of Noocube is to improve focus and concentration levels to help you be at your most productive. This is one of the reasons why there is no caffeine added, as although caffeine gives a feeling of alertness it is generally followed by a crash and depending on how much is consumed it can even give you the jitters – neither of which scenarios are great for providing prolonged periods of focus and concentration.

There are specially selected ingredients in NooCube that are designed to help you achieve a flow state by increasing acetylcholine levels (a critically important neurotransmitter found naturally in the brain) and also by preventing acetylcholine levels from dropping.

Improved Cognitive Functioning (memory, learning and critical thinking)

By increasing the availability of neurotransmitters in the brain, cognitive functioning that is vital for memory and learning new things is vastly improved. This communication between neurons and the brain is key for having clarity of thought, improving decision making and fast memory recall.

There are multiple ingredients included in NooCube (which we shall cover shortly) that are designed specifically to repair damaged neurons and promote healthy growth for new nerves. These ingredients add a lot of credibility to the claims made by NooCube as to its benefits.

Enhancing Mood

There are two key amino acids found in NooCube which provide a relaxed but alert feeling when taken. This can lead to a much enhanced mood that is ideal for productivity in a non-stressful manner. The production of dopamine and serotonin is a key contributor to mood and the ingredients found in NooCube are designed to regulate the brain’s dopamine and serotonin levels in a balanced and effective manner.

Motivation & Mental Energy Boosting

By aiming to increase alpha-2 waves in the brain, NooCube creates an improved blood flow (as a result of reducing inflammation) in the brain which in turn leads to cognitive benefits but also a feeling of being more awake and alert.

Ingredients In NooCube

NooCube has 7 key ingredients, all of which are natural ingredients and all of which have very clear reasons for being included. Let’s take a look at how these ingredients stack up.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa, an Indian herb, is found in most nootropic supplements as it is rich in bacosides which are known for their ability to repair damaged neurons which in turn leads to a number of cognitive enhancements brought about by an improved neurological line of communication between neurotransmitters and the brain.

Each serving of NooCube contains 250mg of Bacopa Monnieri and although the use of this herb dates back thousands of years, there have been many studies in recent years supporting its inclusion as an effective nootropic – so we salute NooCube for including it.

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alpha gpc
Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC (Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine) is one of the ingredients found in NooCube that is responsible for increasing levels of acetylcholine in the brain. There are numerous studies supporting the use of Alpha GPC to aid memory functions, learning processes and focus and it has also been thought of as a possible treatment for patients suffering with Alzheimer’s disease.

NooCube includes 50mg of Alpha GPC as part of your daily serving.

Cat’s Claw

This might have a rather strange sounding name but it is thought of as one of the most potent ingredients in boosting mental clarity thanks to it being rich in antioxidants that supposedly protect the brain from cell damage and rid it from free radicals.

This ingredient that is indigenous to the Amazon Rain Forest is also seen as a possible preventative medicine for Parkinson’s Disease. There is 175mg of Cat’s Claw in NooCube.

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Huperzine A plant
Huperzine A

Huperzine A comes from Chinese Club Moss, a plant that has been used in herbal medicine for hundreds of years. It’s inclusion in NooCube is validated by its ability to prevent acetylcholine levels from dropping by acting as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. Acetylcholinesterase breaks down acetylcholine in the brain so it is thought that by preventing this breakdown from occurring it is helping to increase acetylcholine levels – or at least keep them at optimum levels.

NooCube includes 20mg of Huperzine A and in turn aids memory and other critical thinking functions.

Oat Straw Extract

Another one of NooCube’s ingredients that is steeped in history. Having been used for hundreds of years as a brain booster, oat straw is now thought to promote the production of alpha-2 waves in the brain. This has a range of benefits but in particular it reduces inflammation in the brain which in turn leads to a greater blood flow. This results in a feeling of alertness with users reporting feeling more energetic and awake as a result of taking it.

Noocube has 150mg of oat straw extract per serving.

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l-theanine compound
L-theanine & L-tyrosine (amino acids)

These two amino acids work in sync to create a plethora of benefits to users. L-theanine is responsible for stress relief, which is unsurprising as this ingredient is found in green and black tea. L-theanine can also help to stimulate neurotransmitters which can also lead to an increased alertness.

L-tyrosine is thought to improve cognitive performance under stress and can also help fight mental fatigue to give prolonged periods of concentration. NooCube includes 250mg of L-tyrosine and 100mg of L-theanine.

In addition to the 7 ingredients listed above, each serving of NooCube also contains Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B12 which are also helpful to overall cognitive and physical health.

In terms of the overall ingredient profile of NooCube we would consider it to be one of the most well considered set of ingredients of almost all the nootropics we have ever tested. For anyone looking for a sustainable, all-natural supplement with no negative side effects then this is a great option.

Does NooCube Work?

The simple answer to whether NooCube works is yes it does. However, like anything in the world of supplementation the answer is never a simple yes and no. We tested NooCube (with me being one of the testers) with two Pathmed staff and the results were impressive. It does also have to be said that the results we are stating here are completely based on anecdotal evidence and although they do point to NooCube having a great amount of efficacy, the results also seem to be acute – in other words, once you stop taking the supplement there is no lasting benefit – you will need to keep buying and taking it.

The lack of long term impact is not something that is unique to NooCube though and the long term benefits are largely unknown, but simply by preventing mental decline it could be argued that this is in itself an inherent long term benefit.

We took NooCube for 6 weeks and the impact was felt pretty much immediately by myself and after 5-7 days by my co-worker. I had no long term history of taking nootropics and so I started on the standard 2 capsules per day quota. My colleague also opted for the 2 per day but had tested other nootropics previously – perhaps that’s why the perceived impact took longer to come about.

NooCube suggest you take the two capsules in the morning with breakfast. Some people have reported a slight feeling of nausea after taking them (although we didn’t experience that) and taking with food will likely offset this somewhat. The effects generally last for around 8-9 hours and so it is best to take them when starting your day. If you take them later in the day then it could impact your ability to sleep.

Like anything, if you neglect other parts of your health and wellbeing then NooCube is not going to be as effective, but for us, we both reported a significant boost in our clarity of thinking, general level of recall, feeling more relaxed and having a boost to our overall energy levels.

Getting The Best Out Of NooCube

A nootropic is a cognition enhancer rather than a fix for bad lifestyle habits. There are a number of things you should address before taking NooCube and these include:

Sleep: Getting enough quality sleep is crucial for getting the most out of NooCube. Your brain will not be firing on all cylinders if your body and mind is not well rested and most adults will need a minimum of 7 hours sleep per night (up to around 9 hours) to fully recover.

Diet & Nutrition: A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and your general nutritional intake will have a big impact on your brain. You should aim to eat a healthy, well balanced diet whilst taking Noocube and the addition of fatty fish such as Salmon is another great natural way to boost your brain functions.

Hydration: Staying hydrated is also key to a healthy brain. Aim for 2-3 liters of water per day as a minimum for your body and brain to be well hydrated. We often get a headache when we are dehydrated and this is because it impacts our brain. Drinking alcohol can also have a negative impact on the brain and also lead to dehydration so drink alcohol in moderation (if not removing it from your diet completely) when using NooCube.

General Wellbeing: Looking after yourself in terms of your mental and physical health should be at the forefront of your thinking. Taking a nootropic such as NooCube will help give you the edge when it comes to your brainpower, but if you don’t look after everything else then the boost will be largely insignificant.

NooCube Alternatives

NooCube actually topped our list of top nootropics as we felt it was a great all-rounder and had some of the best research-backed ingredients of all those we tested. However, there are some other options that are worthy of mention.

Hunter Focus came second on our list and also has an excellent ingredient profile with higher dosages than are found in NooCube. For anyone new to these types of supplements we’d suggest sticking with NooCube, but for those wanting a higher dosage then Hunter Focus is a great NooCube alternative – just be prepared for the 6 capsules per day serving.

MindLab Pro V4.0 is our other alternative and like NooCube has that all important natural list of ingredients. We found that the effects were not quite so long lasting as NooCube however and so if you do go for it you will likely want to take a second dose mid-way through the day. However, for those wanting to feel the impact for just 3-4 hours then Mindlab Pro is a good alternative choice.

  • UK and USA manufactured in FDA approved facilities
  • Telephone support available
  • Every single ingredient is clinically backed with all studies cited on the NooCube website
  • All ingredients are natural
  • Can increase dose if required
  • User reviews are very good
  • 60 day money back guarantee it not happy
  • At the top end of what we’d pay (but worth it)

NooCube Verdict

NooCube is a very high quality supplement. It is not the cheapest on the market but it is without a doubt one of the most effective at providing day to day brain boosting results. We found it to be highly effective when it comes to achieving higher levels of concentration as well as having a significantly calming effect without losing any alertness.

We also love that NooCube offer a 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the product you simply return the two empty bottles after 60 days (along with any others you have) and they will refund you. We think a company that puts their money behind their claims shows a real vote of confidence in their product and from our testing we’d say that confidence is well placed – with NooCube proving to be a real top contender in the world of nootropics.

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We found NooCube to be a highly effective nootropic with a science-backed ingredient profile that is unrivaled at the present time.

Written by Roger Thomas

Roger is the editor-in-chief at PathMed and has a wealth of knowledge in the nutrition and supplementation space. With over 12 years field research experience and 4 years editorial experience behind him, he has a knack for sussing out the good from the bad.