Leanbean Review

Our PT and nutritionalist John Dixon examines just how good this fat loss supplement is after testing it for over a month – find out how he got on with it during his cut right here in our Leanbean review.

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It can be hard to lose weight, especially if you’re midway through your weight loss journey. Plateaus happen. Life happens. You get exhausted from maintaining your calorie deficit. Your metabolism adapts to your lower calorie intake, meaning that it becomes harder over time to get the same results without changing anything. Added to that, of course, you get hungry! Cravings can kick in, ruining your willpower and, ultimately, your chances of meeting your weight loss goals.

Fat burners can help. They are not magic pills. You cannot take them, change nothing about your lifestyle, and expect to lose weight. Rather, they are designed to augment a calorie deficit. They make your body more efficient at burning fat when you’re in one. They make it easier to maintain one. And they give you a bit of a much needed energy boost.

Leanbean is one of the better fat burning pills on today’s market. It is a high quality, proven supplement from a new company specializing in women’s supplementation. This Leanbean review is designed to assess the efficacy of the supplement and ultimately help you to decide whether or not it’s right for you.

Leanbean Explained

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So, what exactly is Leanbean, what sets it apart from the hundreds of other ‘weight loss’ supplements out there?

It is a capsule based supplement that works in two ways, both of which have been proven to be incredibly effective for those looking to lose weight. Firstly, it is a thermogenic fat burner. It will allow you to burn more calories, even at rest, than you would otherwise be able to. Secondly, it is an appetite suppressant. It aids satiation, making a calorie deficit easier to maintain.

These two points are crucial.

There is no ‘weight loss’ drug or supplement. There is only really one way to lose body fat. This is through maintaining a calorie deficit. A daily deficit of 500 calories will result in about a pound, or half a kilogram, of weight loss per week. This will mostly come from fat, especially if you pair it with adequate physical activity and protein intake.

There are two ways in which you can build this deficit. You can either reduce your calorie intake, i.e., you can eat less. Or you can increase your calorie expenditure, i.e. you can be more active, performing daily exercise. Realistically, a combination of the two works best. Remove three hundred calories from your daily intake whilst performing enough exercise to burn up the remaining two hundred and you have a proven formula for fat loss.

Leanbean helps both methods. In boosting your metabolism, it makes it easier to burn through more calories. In aiding satiation, it keeps you feeling fuller for longer, so you can comfortably eat less.

It uses completely natural ingredients to achieve all of this. These include the fiber source glucomannan, as well as common thermogenic ingredients proven to boost your metabolism, such as green tea extract and garcinia cambogia.

Leanbean markets itself at women. All of its branding, its website, everything that talks about it, talks about how it is for women. This is to be taken with a pinch of salt. It is near identical to many neutral or supposedly ‘male only’ fat burners. It’s good across the board, for everyone. I would invite men to give it a go if they are trying to lose weight. It will work.

Benefits of Leanbean

There are plenty of benefits to be gained from Leanbean. Obviously, the end result is that it will help you to maintain a calorie deficit and thus lose weight. But there is a fair amount more to it than this.

Firstly, and I would argue most importantly, it aids satiation. This means that you feel fuller for longer and don’t struggle so much with the kinds of hunger pangs and food cravings we often suffer from as we reduce our calorie intakes.

It does this by using the fiber glucomannan, one of my favorite ingredients in any kind of weight loss supplement. Fiber swells in the body, specifically in the stomach, making you feel fuller. However, it is indigestible, so won’t be converted into energy (or stored as fat), but rather will pass through you.

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This brings another benefits. Because of this passage, fiber is fantastic for your digestive health. It bulks out your stools and enables you to stay regular. This is important during a calorie deficit, where reduced food intake often means reduced fiber intake and impaired digestion. In addition, fiber also helps you to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Then there are the thermogenic traits inherent to many of the ingredients included in Leanbean. It will raise your metabolic rate and allow you to burn more fat for use as energy than you would otherwise. The effects are slight. You can only expect to burn an extra 50-100 calories per day in this way. However, that’s a good chunk of your target deficit out the way before you’ve even considered diet and exercise.

This thermogenesis also leads to improved energy levels. After all, it is burning up body fat, which is nothing more than energy stored for later use.

Leanbean compounds this energy boost. It includes a good vitamin blend shown to help promote longer lasting energy. You should find yourself with improved energy levels, a clearer head, and better focus. As calorie deficits can often leave us feeling sluggish, this is a fantastic benefit to make the most of.

Leanbean Ingredients

All of Leanbean’s ingredients are natural, safe, and potent. Combined, they should elicit all of the affects you would want of any good fat burner; the formula should give all the benefits it promises and more.

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It starts off with chromium picolinate, a brilliant supplement for normalizing and stabilizing your blood sugar levels. This will keep your energy levels stable whilst avoiding insulin spikes, thus avoiding hunger pangs.

Then there is choline, a compound naturally produced in your liver that nevertheless often needs exogenous supplementation to perform optimally. It helps in fat transportation and the removal of cholesterol. Heightened choline levels means more fat metabolization. This means more energy and, of course, improved weight loss.

You also get a good B vitamin complex with Leanbean, in the form of vitamins B6 and B12. These both play central roles in maintaining healthy body composition. They are known to improve metabolic health and energy regulation. Optimal intake can mean a reduction in tiredness and fatigue, which are often heightened during a caloric deficit. They can also support healthy muscular function.

Green coffee is our first big hitting thermogenic compound. These are pre-roasted beans, hence ‘green’, which have far more healthy compounds in them than roasted beans. They are far richer in antioxidants and chlorogenic acid – both of which can aid weight loss themselves. They are also a good source of caffeine, which is a further thermogenic compound that can, of course, give you a good energy boost.

Now we come to what I consider to be the star of the show – the fiber glucomannan. 

As I’ve said, this will lead to a great many weight loss benefits. It will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Your digestive health will improve for taking it, undoing one of the main complaints often attached to restricted dieting. And it can help you to increase energy levels whilst keeping your cholesterol in check.

It’s wonderful stuff.

Leanbean is also packed with the minerals potassium chloride and zinc. Chloride is a very beneficial electrolyte that can aid in hydration, another common issue on a low calorie, particularly low carbohydrate, eating plan. It also aids digestion by enabling the stomach to make hydrochloric acid.

Meanwhile, zinc is a pretty common ingredient used in many good fat burning supplements. It can reduce inflammation whilst keeping your immune function healthy. It can help to balance hormones, particularly in men, where it contributes to healthy testosterone production – this is key to maintaining healthy body composition.

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It also aids fat and carbohydrate metabolism and protein synthesis, allowing for body fat loss without atrophy occurring.

Turmeric is something of a miracle supplement, widely used for a broad variety of benefits. It is used in Leanbean primarily as a mild appetite suppressant. It is also a decent thermogenic compound in its own right, comparable to, yet healthier than, caffeine anhydrous.

You also get plenty of antioxidants from turmeric, which are central to maintaining longer term health.

Acai berry is included in Leanbean for its ability to also deliver a great many antioxidants. It may additionally help in improving your cholesterol level. Basically, it is incredibly dense in micronutrients. As micronutrient intake often suffers during a restricted eating plan, acai berry is a very clever addition.

Our final active ingredient comes in the form of garcinia cambogia, another oft-included fat burner. It is well-documented as a great ally for those looking to lose weight healthily. Garcinia cambogia can both suppress the appetite whilst also eliciting a thermogenic effect, burning through extra calories.

It can also boost levels of serotonin in the brain, which is perfect for anybody who tends to use food for comfort during anxiety or depression.

There is one extra little goody in the formula, though. This is piperine, or black pepper extract. It’s not a fat burner in itself. However, you will often see it included in many different kinds of supplement as it makes other ingredients far more bioavailable. Essentially, it helps your body to absorb all the other ingredients in Leanbean, making everything that little bit more effective.

How to Use Leanbean

My main qualm with Leanbean is that it is awkward to take, though so are plenty of thermogenic fat burners. For best results, you need to take six capsules per day, spread over three servings of two. These should be half an hour before you eat.

This is difficult for those on the move, or for those with other things to worry about! You don’t want to spend all day carrying a pot of pills around, making sure you take them at the right time.

However, there is no issue with forgetting them sometimes. It will be suboptimal, but won’t have any drastic consequences. 

Using Leanbean

As I’ve already said, Leanbean is as good for men as it is for women. I’m a man and I can happily say that I saw the benefits from taking it. It is really, really good stuff.

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Firstly, I used it during a calorie deficit when I had a bit of extra body fat to cut, following on from an extended bulking phase. I have never struggled less with hunger pangs and emptiness during a cut. Thanks largely to the glucomannan, I felt sated and happy throughout, not noticing the extra calories I was ditching.

My digestive health also improved, though I’ll not go into details. Suffice to say that Leanbean was good to me and my gut.

I had my blood sugar levels taken, too. I often have my bloodwork taken for a variety of health concerns, so I could keep an eye on things. My levels remained healthy and stable, rather than peaking and crashing as you might expect on a restricted diet. My blood pressure remained steady, too, at a healthy natural rate.

I usually struggle with fatigue during a cut, especially in the early days. My body simply doesn’t have enough energy coming in to keep up with its demands and brain fog and heavy limbs soon follow. This was far less pronounced with Leanbean. I could think clearly and remain nearly as active and explosive during my cut as I was during my bulk, which is a really quite a rare feat.

Overall, it worked perfectly. It made my cut a little bit more efficient, far more pleasant, and kept my brain and body in the game even when I had them running on a much-restricted calorie intake.

There are a couple of side effects to watch out for, of course. Most fat burners have a few. Leanbean has far fewer than most. The only things to look out for are allergic reactions, as with any new supplement, and the caffeine content, for those who are sensitive to it – though I would note that caffeine levels are far lower here than in many comparable products, so the chances of having an adverse reaction to the caffeine is slim – especially for those who are used to consuming it.

Garcinia cambogia can give you a bit of tummy trouble, especially in the early days, and may even lead to cold-like symptoms, though this is rare and shouldn’t happen if you dose as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Pros and Cons

  • Includes glucomannan, one of the best fiber sources and appetite suppressors going
  • Elicits thermogenesis, allowing you to burn more calories
  • Gives you an energy boost
  • All natural ingredients
  • Few side effects associated with it
  • Proven to work in weight loss
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • It works slowly – this is no quick fix, but rather a long term diet aid
  • Some ingredients lack quality clinical data
  • Only available from their own webstore
  • Only marketed at women – erroneously so
  • Awkward to take


Who makes Leanbean?

Leanbean is manufactured by a health supplements company called Ultimate Life. They aim to create natural solutions for people’s health and fitness needs, targeted primarily at women. They are also behind Powher, designed to augment a fitness-focussed diet.

How long does it take Leanbean to work?

Leanbean’s acute effects will be felt quite quickly – the improved energy levels, improved digestive health, and hunger satiation. However, the thermogenic properties will take up to three months to show in full.

When should I take Leanbean?

You should take two Leanbean capsules three times per day, for a total of six capsules daily. Take it half an hour before each main meal – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – with a glass of water. Spreading it out this way will allow your body to stay in a heightened thermogenic state, whilst the glucomannan will be able to keep you feeling constantly sated.

How much weight can you lose on Leanbean?

You cannot take Leanbean, change nothing else, and expect to lose weight. It won’t happen. Rather, it is a tool meant to aid your calorie deficit as you seek to lose weight. It will make it easier to eat less, will give you more energy, and will elicit a mild fat burning effect. A daily deficit of 500 calories will result in an average weight loss of around one pound per week. 1000 calories will result in two pounds. As long as you maintain this deficit, this weight loss should keep going until you reach your ideal weight.


Fat burners are not magic weight loss pills. You cannot throw them back and expect to lose pounds off the scales and inches off your waist.

This isn’t the point. It’s not what they’re for.

They are supplements, meant to supplement your dietary intake. They are aids, meant to help with your weight loss journey, not create it or uphold it by themselves.

A good fat burner will elicit a mild amount of extra thermogenesis whilst giving you more energy, stabilizing blood sugar levels and metabolic rates, and aiding satiation. With these tools, your calorie deficit should be far easier to maintain and far more effective once in place.

Leanbean does all of this to a fantastic standard. It is one of the best fat burners in today’s market. No matter your gender, if you are looking for an ally as you maintain a good calorie deficit, it deserves your serious consideration.

Your weight loss journey will be easier and far more effective for taking it.

Written by John Dixon

John is a personal trainer and part time (although he might say full time) writer here at PathMed. He uses his knowledge of fitness and physiotherapy to deliver real insight in to our reviews and health guides.

John’s military background also brings a real-life perspective to his work.