MindLab Pro Vs Noocube

Roger Thomas compares two of his favorite nootropics in our NooCube Vs MindLab Pro comparison. Not sure which is right for you? Read on to find out how he splits them…

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It’s no rare thing to find somebody who feels anxious, sluggish, and fatigued. They are hallmarks of modern life, seemingly. We haven’t evolved to keep pace with what our daily lives now demand of us. Nor can we keep up the pace we set in youth as we age.

There are a few solutions to this. Being kind to yourself, slowing down a little, and switching off from the world on a regular basis will all work wonders, as will getting plenty of sleep, eating a good diet, and getting in plenty of physical activity.

However, this is mostly designed to bring the pace down to meet our abilities. There is an argument to be made for boosting our abilities at the same time, thus meeting in the middle. How can we do this?

Nootropics, or ‘smart drugs’ can be an ideal solution.

These aren’t ‘drugs’ like you may be thinking of the word. They aren’t medication. There are no side effects, they don’t require prescriptions, and they are legal, safe, and natural. They work to lower your anxiety levels, boost your cognitive power, remove brain fog, lift your mood and energy levels, and protect your long-term brain health.

Today I face a bit of a challenge. When my editor wrote to me and asked me to compare the two nootropics that I’m looking at today, I was faced with a dilemma. They are two of my favorite nootropics on the market. In fact, they are two of my favorite supplements, period.

I am, of course, talking about MindLab Pro and NooCube. They are both wonderful, and I have the unenviable task of attempting to pick between them.

It’s a real tricky one.

MindLab Pro or NooCube?

As above, these are both two of my favorite supplements. They are superb. Both perform incredibly well, are high-quality, top-tier supplements made from the best ingredients, and are backed by a reassuring body of scientific evidence.

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MindLab Pro is Opti-Nutra Ltd’s baby, their entry in to the burgeoning nootropic marketplace. Opti-Nutra Ltd are sort of a byword for quality. They make some of the best supplements going, all high-quality, all dosed terrifically well.

Mindlab Pro fits in with their roster nicely in this regard. As I’ve said, and as I’ll keep saying, it is one of the best natural nootropics available. The research behind it is sound and thorough. It is pretty much certain to raise your energy levels, improve your mental signaling, aid cell protection and regeneration, boost your circulation, and improve your overall cognition and cognitive health.

As with most similar nootropics, everything that goes into MindLab Pro is free from side effects. The ingredients are perfectly natural and safe. It is all based in the UK, though manufacture takes place in FDA-approved, fully GMP-certified facilities in the US.

NooCube stands shoulder to shoulder with MindLab Pro, sharing an impressive podium with ease.

It is just about my favorite supplement that I take on a regular basis.

NooCube is made by Wolfson Brands. They have amongst the best of pedigrees in the supplements game. They have been around for decades, during which time they have built up a reputation to rival anyone. This pedigree is evident in everything they put out; it is more than evident in NooCube.

NooCube is of almost superlative quality. It contains some of the best-known nootropic ingredients, all from high quality sources. Nothing is a dead cert in the supplement game. However, if I was to bet 100% on anything, it would be this.

noocube bottle

I will get into more detail on the specifics of what each can do for you. For the moment, I simply want to underline the quality of them both. With this in mind, I want to point out the transparency with which both NooCube and MindLab Pro are made.

Neither hides behind any kind of ‘proprietary formula’. A proprietary formula is one with which you get to see all of the ingredients, but none of the quantities. You will never know if what you’re taking is included in workable doses. Proprietary formulas are unfortunately all too common in the supplements game.

Neither NooCube nor MindLab Pro use them. You get to see everything.

noocube bottle

NooCube Or MindLab Pro?

Can’t wait to read the whole article? It’s close between these two as they are both great supplements at the top of their game and will keep you at the top of yours.

However, when pushed, Roger believes that NooCube just about has the edge and it’s his nootropic of choice.

The Ingredients

A good starting place to compare NooCube vs MindLab Pro is in their ingredients. So let’s take a look at the similarities and the differences…

Where The Ingredients Overlap

There are four main ingredients common to both MindLab Pro and NooCube. This isn’t surprising – three of them are central to the proper functioning of a high-quality nootropic and I would be surprised to see any nootropic ingredients list without at least a couple of them.

You’ll get slightly different doses in MindLab Pro and NooCube. However, as we can see the amounts included, we can also see that each includes these ingredients in relevant, highly useable amounts.

The list begins with l-theanine and l-tyrosine, two of the most common ingredients that I always like to see in a nootropic supplement.

L-theanine and l-tyrosine are both amino acids – chemical strands that make up the building blocks of protein, simply put. They both have strong nootropic properties that make them ripe for inclusion by anybody looking to boost their brain health.

L-theanine is most often found in certain fungi and types of tea. For our purposes, it can enhance alpha brain wave output. These are the brain waves you produce when in a relaxed state. On its own, it can lend you a more relaxed air. Combined with stimulants, it can offset the anxiety and nerves whilst still allowing for a good energy boost.

ingredient list for mind lab pro
MindLab Pro Ingredients

I like to take my l-theanine (usually in NooCube) with a strong espresso or two in the morning. It sets me up incredibly well for a good day’s writing.

Meanwhile, l-tyrosine is known to aid your brain’s signaling processes. It will lead to healthier neurotransmitter function. As neurotransmitters are the nerve cells which send and receive signals within the brain, aiding them will obviously represent a boost to your overall cognition and cognitive health.

L-tyrosine has also been shown to help people deal better when under stress.

Then there is Bacopa Monnieri, another compound you will rarely see absent from a nootropic’s ingredients list. It’s a pretty phenomenal bacoside source. These bacosides, the compound’s active chemicals, improve blood flow to the brain, thus bringing it more oxygen and nutrients (and thus more energy). They have also been shown to aid chemical reactions within the brain, supporting memory and knowledge retention in quite a profound way.

It clears brain fog, improves your attention, focus and memory, and gives you a good, clean, natural energy boost.

Then there is vitamin B12. This further improves blood flow to your brain. Specifically, it does so during stretches of cerebral effort. When you are under stress or having to think more or harder than usual, it kicks in, giving you the nutrients that your brain needs to keep running optimally.

You get workable doses of each of these four ingredients in both. However, NooCube takes a slim lead, here. It contains more total l-tyrosine and Bacopa Monnieri than MindLab Pro. It also uses a far more bioavailable form of l-tyrosine – it has a far higher conversion rate than MindLab Pro’s form. These things do, after all, matter!

MindLab Pro has more vitamin B12, though. However, I don’t think this makes any particular difference.

They both tie on l-theanine. 

This gives NooCube a clear advantage. Though there is far more to them both than these core ingredients, very little is as important as these four. 

The Differences In Their Formulas

Though these four ingredients are arguably the most important compounds in either formula, each product brings something a little extra to the table. They each have their own unique inclusions that really set them apart from one another.

MindLab Pro’s Unique Ingredients

For me, there are two standout ingredients included in MindLab Pro that really make it worth every penny you spend on it.

Firstly, you get a good dose of hericium erinaceus, better known as Lion’s Mane Mushroom. I love Lion’s Mane. It is one of the best ingredients known for improving your overall cognitive performance. It is also fantastic for leveling out your mood, keeping you energized and anxiety-free.

Then there is citicoline. Citicoline is a natural compound whose effects are often used in treating patients with a range of cerebrovascular conditions. It boosts cognitive performance, memory function, and reaction times, whilst giving you more mental energy and agility.

You also get a few decent botanicals with each MindLab Pro serving. These include rhodiola rosea, also known as golden root, pine bark extract, or pinus pinaster, and phosphatidylserine, sourced from sunflower seeds.

Phosphatidylserine can slow or even help reverse cognitive decline. It has also been shown to support healthy brain processing and energy levels. Meanwhile, rhodiola rosea fortifies your brain against stress whilst also aiding in keeping your energy levels and processing speed up. Finally, pine bark extract is a fantastically rich source of antioxidants that also supports focus, mental energy, memory, mental clarity, and learning.

MindLab Pro also contains vitamins B6 and B9. Together, these should further aid blood flow to the brain. This will protect against cognitive aging whilst improving your memory, mood, and energy levels.

NooCube’s Unique Ingredients

MindLab Pro’s list is impressive. However, if anything can stand up to it, it’s NooCube.

We come out of the gate with two of my preferred nootropic ingredients in the form of huperzine A and alpha GPD. These have each been linked to improved cognitive function and particularly clarity, focus, memory, and learning. The effects of both together can be phenomenal and I really can’t understand why all nootropics don’t include them.

NooCube also comes with some fantastic botanicals to take their list up to the next level.

This begins with avena sativa, or oat straw extract. It is commonly seen in smart drugs as it is a well-known, potent cognitive enhancer proven to also elevate your mood. Then there is uncaria tomentosa, more commonly known as cat’s claw. It is an incredibly rich antioxidant source  known to sharpen cognitive performance and focus.

Resveratol, commonly found in grapes, is another rich antioxidant source. A polyphenol, it has been linked with improved cognitive energy levels and function, as well as improved memory. It has also been shown to promote longer term cognitive wellbeing. We round the list off with yet another potent antioxidant, this time sourced from blueberries in the form of pterostilbene. Pterostilbene has been linked to improvements in neuroplasticity, learning, and memory.

You also get a couple of crucial B vitamins with NooCube – B1 and B7. These should work together to further boost your mood, cognitive function, mental energy reserves, and overall focus.

Side Effects of MindLab Pro and NooCube

Both MindLab Pro and NooCube are made from completely safe, natural ingredients, largely sourced from natural botanicals. The ingredients involved have very few side effects associated with them. I would be surprised if anybody had any kind of adverse reaction to either.

MindLab Pro and NooCube are both entirely open and honest about their formulas, too. There are no proprietary blends at work, nothing hidden, no added nasties slipped in when no one is looking. You get to see everything that goes into them, and thus that goes into you when you take them.

They are reassuringly safe, transparent, and predictable – not always a given in the supplements game.

As always with any kind of supplement, if you do suffer any kind of adverse reaction or if you have known allergies then it is a good idea to consult your medical provider as soon as possible.

Pros and Cons of Each

You should be able to see by now that there are plenty of pros and hardly any cons associated with both MindLab Pro and NooCube. However, for clarity’s sake, let’s run through a quick overview of what each has to offer.

MindLab Pro Pros

  • Everything is well backed up by proper research and data
  • The ingredients are all highly usable and potent
  • All labelling is clear, with no proprietary blends
  • There are no side effects involved
  • They are made by one of the best supplements companies out there
  • Each dose includes a fantastic range of botanical ingredients

MindLab Pro Cons

  • Slightly low bacopa monnieri and l-tyrosine doses
  • It isn’t cheap, though it is very much worth the money you will spend

NooCube Pros

  • The formula is supported by good quality research and data
  • The ingredients are all highly usable and potent
  • All labelling is clear, with no proprietary blends
  • There are no side effects associated with it
  • Each dose includes a fantastic range of botanical ingredients
  • You get a money back guarantee
  • Includes alpha GPD and huperzine A

NooCube Cons

  • Some ingredients could do with being a little more heavily dosed
  • Again, it isn’t cheap, but again, it is worth every penny


As I mentioned at the start of this NooCube Vs. MindLab Pro comparison, my editor asking me to pick between these two presented me with a genuine quandary. It is all too often easy to pick between different supplements. There is usually a good deal to set them apart.

This is far from the case, here. Both MindLab Pro and NooCube are excellent. They are both expensive, but reassuringly so – they earn their price tag and then some. If you have the cash to spend and want a high-quality nootropic to help you out, I would go with one of these two every single time.

However, I tend to use NooCube more. It’s in my usual repertoire. It’s rare that I don’t have a pot in my cupboard for when tight deadlines loom and I need a bit of something extra to get me through. Though the formulas are highly comparable, the inclusion in NooCube of alpha GPD and huperzine A, alongside more generous portions of the core ingredients, puts it ahead.

By a whisker, only. But it wins, if either has to and so if you are on the fence I’d recommend you go for NooCube.

Written by Roger Thomas

Roger is the editor-in-chief at PathMed and has a wealth of knowledge in the nutrition and supplementation space. With over 12 years field research experience and 4 years editorial experience behind him, he has a knack for sussing out the good from the bad.