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Bodily pain is becoming more prevalent in modern society – or, at least, reporting of bodily pain is. As we become more self-aware and have the brain space to focus on wellness, more products appear showing us how we can overcome pain, and as we see life-expectancy grow, tackling the aches we gather through life is becoming increasingly important and easy.

Though prescribed pain relief medication is often appropriate, clever supplementation can also go a long way to overcoming pain. There are plenty of products out there to help you alleviate muscular and joint aches and pain.

This isn’t very surprising. The supplement industry is booming. It’s one of the fastest growing markets in the world. As a result, there is something for everything. In the case of pain relief supplementation, there is actually quite a lot – a dizzying amount, too many perhaps!

Relief Factor manages to stand out from the crowd, however. It is a medication free, all natural, anti-inflammatory supplement that claims to start relieving pain after just three weeks. We recently tried them out and garnered some promising results. Find out how it stacks up against the competition below in our Relief Factor review.

Relief Factor Explained

So, what exactly is Relief Factor? 

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In short, it is a 100% drug-free botanical and fish oil supplement designed to help you overcome pain and treat the source of many types of pain, specifically those we might commonly associate with ageing and the wear and tear from physical activity.

As part of this, the manufacturer claims that Relief Factor contains anti-inflammatory properties, which makes sense given the ingredients list (more on this below.)

Alongside a whole host of other potential health and wellness benefits, this anti-inflammation should help to deal with the source of various types of pain, especially those associated with injury and joint concerns like arthritis and osteoporosis.

Indeed, Relief Factor is specifically formulated to deal with joint pain, stiffness, and general discomforts.

Relief Factor was created by father and son entrepreneurs Seth and Pete Talbott. They claim that they have been developing it for fifteen years; the final product is a result of extensive research conducted in collaboration with qualified physicians. 

You should begin Relief Factor with their three-week ‘QuickStart’, trying to find the correct dosage to best suit your body and needs. This won’t deal with your pain – three weeks won’t cut it, and you likely won’t feel the benefits. 

Rather, Relief Factor is designed to be taken on a long-term basis. Though you may find your pain levels decreasing (and likely your mobility increasing, which will go hand in hand with the pain relief) more quickly, the best results will come long-term, over a course of months or years. Part of its appeal is that it can help to fight signs of ageing, which again will require consistent use.

Relief Factor contains four natural, botanical ingredients, including fish oil. These ingredients are all designed and combined to be complimentary, with each taking on a different yet overlapping role in the fight against pain and ageing. Together, they should help to diminish the source of pain whilst helping the body to interpret discomforting signals more healthily.

Benefits Of Relief Factor

It can be hard to verify the kinds of results that supplement manufactures claim. However, the science underpinning Relief Factor’s formula does suggest that it should do everything it says.

Relief Factor focuses on four top metabolic pathways in the body. This should help to fight aches, pains, and longer term inflammation. They do this by subtly modifying the body’s joint pain reaction gene expression whilst actively targeting swelling and soreness. With this in mind, Relief Factor has rich inflammatory agents, alongside a rich antioxidant profile to help bolster your immune health and strengthen your natural joint pain response.

In essence, you should quite reliably be able to expect a few main benefits from taking Relief Factor or its constituent ingredients in the long term.

Firstly, it should help to reduce certain symptoms associated with some common health conditions. These include the likes of arthritis, osteoporosis, sprains, strains, and any other condition causing discomfort through the joints, bones, and ligaments.

The anti-inflammatory properties will alleviate the severity pain you experience. We often take anti-inflammatory over the counter drugs to deal with pain – things such as ibuprofen and aspirin work in exactly this way.

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The inclusion of natural ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties is therefore incredibly useful for anybody looking to dim pain levels.

I would argue that there are better products out there for fighting inflammation, however. Relief Factor includes turmeric, which is one of the best anti-inflammatory ingredients going (I would recommend pure turmeric as a supplement to anybody). However, it could do with a few more usual suspects. Things like Glucosamine and MSM are nowhere to be seen, which strikes me as an oversight, especially when competitors like Physio Flex Pro contain them in fantastic quantities.

However, I do really like Relief Factor for its immune system benefits. Though it is primarily for long term pain relief, the importance of improved immune function in promoting the body’s natural healing processes cannot be overstated. You don’t want to just mask pain if you can also help to heal it at its source.

Relief Factor Ingredients

Relief Factor’s formula is as clever as it is simple. Each ingredient is well chosen, they all complement one another; nothing is Earth-shattering, but everything is very useful and effective.

Let’s take a look at them in some more detail.


Let’s begin with turmeric, which seems to be taking on something of a mythical property in modern supplementation. This status is actually quite well-earned – turmeric is one of the few compounds that actually holds up to its hype.

Plenty of pain-relief supplements and regimes use turmeric as a cornerstone ingredient. It can effectively reduce joint aches and inflammation rapidly with solid scientific, medical research to back it up. It is all about reducing joint aches, however: turmeric has other medicinal properties associated with curcumin, its active ingredient. For example, it can be a therapeutic element in treating various health conditions like diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and even pulmonary disease.

However, it is included here for joint health and pain relief, which it achieves excellently. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and overall health inspiring. Your joints will be better for taking it regularly.

Horny Goat Weed

Secondly, we have Horny Goat Weed (aka Epimedium). Horny Goat Weed is commonly used in treating the symptoms of osteoporosis. It offers therapeutical relief for bone and joint pain more generally. However, it also provides anti-aging and anti-atherosclerosis elements. It is even a good anti-depressant. Depression and lethargy are common where chronic body pain is present, so this tackles several problems at once.

There is some bad science at play surrounding Epimedium, however. Many of its claims rely on the presence of Icariin, which is thought to be beneficial for your joints. This hasn’t been proven, however. Nor has Icariin’s anti-inflammation properties, which are often cited as part of its magic. Relief Factor’s manufacturers also claim that Icariin may help maintain the right amount of nitric oxide, which should in turn allow for healthy blood flow and tissue creation. This is also unproven.

However, Epimedium itself has been trialled. Results suggest that it is indeed good for fighting inflammation.


Few pain relief and joint health supplements would be complete without some form of omega-3 fatty acid involved. Specifically, you want the EPA and DHA fatty acids contained in omega-3, which are commonly found in fish and fish-heavy diets.

Omega-3 is also one of the most heavily investigated supplements going, so you can rest assured that all claims are well-backed up by the scientific and medical communities. Studies have shown that EPA and DHA fatty acids help to suppress the expression of inflammatory genes. In turn, this can help to heal injuries and relieve joint pain associated with inflammation.

Japanese Fleeceflower

Finally, we have Japanese Fleeceflower, or resveratrol. It promotes healthy blood flow and helps to look after your blood vessel health.

Though we are primarily looking at pain relief in this article, pain relief itself is a complex subject. As above, you shouldn’t simply mask pain if you can deal with its underlying causes. In promoting natural vascular reaction and allowing nutrient rich blood to flow more easily around your body, resveratrol should help to fight inflammation whilst promoting healing and growth.

All of the ingredients included in Relief Factor are one hundred percent natural, with no additives, harmful preservatives, or modified components involved. They will only ever elicit very natural reactions.

Anything with omega-3 and turmeric deserves a vote of confidence when fighting inflammation and joint pain. They are stalwarts, scientifically proven to be incredibly effective for conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis, or even simple injury or wear and tear.

However, Epimedium and Japanese Fleeceflower are far less convincing. There is no evidence that they work, or that they add anything to Relief Factor’s formula that omega-3 and turmeric already offer. Either taking omega-3 and turmeric in isolation will be just as effective; taking something like Physio Flex which offers a more reassuringly effective formula for less money might be a better idea.

How To Use Relief Factor

Relief Factor is very easy to use, especially compared to some painkiller products which ask that you take quite a few doses daily spread out at intervals.

You will begin with the 3-week QuickStart trial. During this, you should take three packets per day. Each packet includes two capsules and two soft gels. During this, you will determine the correct dose – if you struggle to do this, simply follow the website’s recommendations by reducing the amount to two packets per day after the trial and seeing if that works.

From them on, simply follow the instructions, taking your required dosage each day.

Pros and Cons of Relief Factor

Relief Factor is a solid product, built on the firm foundation of two incredibly effective ingredients (turmeric and omega-3 oil). However, it is still a bit of a mixed bag: there are certainly some pros and cons involved in taking it.

  • It’s natural, organic, and 100% drug free.
  • It includes ingredients that are scientifically proven to work.
  • It reduces inflammation, which often underlies pain.
  • It can support a healthy immune system.
  • It contains fish oil, so isn’t suitable for those on a plant-based diet.
  • You will likely end up taking two doses per day, which means you need to buy a lot.
  • The monthly subscription is very pricey, especially compared to simply buying turmeric and omega-3 on their own.
  • There are better, cheaper products out there (I mentioned Physio Flex Pro above.)

Relief Factor FAQs

Is Relief Factor a legitimate product?

Relief Factor is absolutely a legitimate product. There is no snake oil here. As it is based on two well-known, scientifically backed ingredients – turmeric and omega-3 – it will likely work for a great many people. These can help to relieve joint pain whilst giving an antioxidant effect, reducing pain and swelling at the same time.

What is the deal with Relief Factor?

Relief Factor is designed to hit pain from a couple of angles. Firstly, it eases pain, using trusted ingredients to mitigate symptoms. Secondly, it improves blood flow and immune function, and works as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, helping you to treat the underlying problems and recover more healthily and efficiently.

Is Relief Factor FDA approved?

No. Dietary supplements will never be FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved as they fall outside the FDA’s jurisdiction. According to the FDA, dietary supplements are their own category, neither food nor drug.

Does turmeric help with pain?

Turmeric can help to relieve pain and promote healing. Its active ingredient, curcumin, is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This means that you will heal more quickly, and joints will be less sore when taking it. Though it isn’t in itself an analgesic (painkiller), it should form part of any supplement regime where joint health is a concern.

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Physio Flex Pro – Relief Factor Alternative

Physio Flex Pro offers a complete joint supplement that contains tried and tested ingredients and is easier on the pocket. We’d suggest trying Physio Flex Pro over Relief Factor first.


Built as it is on a solid foundation of omega-3 and turmeric, Relief Factor is a good choice. It should relieve pain in the long term whilst fighting the inflammation that often lies behind it. The omega-3 in particular should lead to looser, stronger joints, more capable of doing what you need them to do without any pain or discomfort.

However, it is very pricey for what it does. Much of the rest of the formula is completely untested and may well be redundant – the omega-3 and turmeric will be doing most of the heavy lifting here. Having just two active ingredients out of four that are proven, and pricing the whole lot so highly, really won’t give you a good return for your money – though you will still benefit from taking it.

As you can pick up a decent month’s supply of each for around five to ten bucks, Relief Factor is an expensive way of doing things.

Relief Factor also have an odd pricing structure, which always makes me wary. They reel you in with slightly cheaper costs, then ramp them up. It’s unnecessarily complicated. In my mind, this is to distract you from the fact that it gets very costly down the line, especially as it’s a product designed for lifelong use.

They really don’t look like the best company to go with.

Physio Flex Pro are much cheaper, their eight-ingredient formula incudes much more that is proven to work, and they keep things simple. Something like their product may well serve you much better in the long run.

Written by John Dixon

John is a personal trainer and part time (although he might say full time) writer here at PathMed. He uses his knowledge of fitness and physiotherapy to deliver real insight in to our reviews and health guides.

John’s military background also brings a real-life perspective to his work.