Testogen Review

Our resident PT and nutritionalist John Dixon examines the efficacy behind one of the most popular T-boosters in our Testogen review. Read on to find out how got on with it…

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Anybody with low testosterone output can suffer poor health. This is particularly true of men, who can experience sexual dysfunction, a loss in overall wellness, and impaired athletic ability. Sex drive and sperm count can be affected, as can energy levels, drive and focus, muscular strength and an ability to elicit hypertrophy (muscle growth) and bone density.

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Testosterone supplements can help a great deal. They are designed to increase the body’s natural testosterone output.

Note: these are not exogenous sources of testosterone, such as might be used by an enhanced athlete. They are simply supplements designed to keep your body producing an optimal amount naturally.

Testogen is one of the most widely used, widely available forms of natural testosterone supplementation in today’s market, and we recently had the chance to try it out – my verdict is below as part of this full Testogen review.

Testogen Explained

Testogen by UK-based supplements company Health Nutrition Ltd is one of the better natural testosterone boosters going. It is aimed largely at men, whose testosterone levels will be – and need to be – naturally much higher than women’s.

It includes 11 completely natural ingredients, which I’ll run through below, all of which work together to promote healthy testosterone output. It is designed to maximize the body’s production of testosterone, enable higher levels of free testosterone in the blood, and to delay the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

You can get Testogen in a couple of formats. The baseline dose comes in capsule form. The company behind the product recommend taking four of these daily before breakfast. You can also get booster drops – unsurprisingly, in liquid form. These are designed to complement the capsules and can be taken 1-3 times daily as needed.


Testogen – Quick Verdict

Testogen is a tried and tested favorite of ours when it comes to natural testosterone boosting supplements. It ships worldwide and has one of the fastest acting set of ingredients of all t-boosters.

Benefits Of Testogen

Testogen can deliver a great many benefits. There are also some benefits to be made going with it over any alternative.

To start with, all of Testogen’s ingredients are completely natural. There is nothing funny here, no filler, nothing dangerous. This is a big deal in the supplement industry, where quality and safety are often sacrificed in the hunt for fast results.

Secondly, everything in Testogen is backed by science. 

There are currently no independent studies attesting to Testogen’s efficacy on its own. However, Testogen cite more than 80 studies on their website showing the worth of each individual ingredient. Each component is underpinned by research and data supporting its efficacy and inclusion, all of which is published in reputable, peer reviewed journals.


It should be noted that there are shortcomings in a few of these studies. For example, some of them are only on animal subjects. The applicability of some ingredients to humans is therefore on slightly shaky ground. Other studies use small participant groups, over small periods of time – they are more exploratory than in any way definitive.

Several studies are also on people with specific illnesses or vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which the dosing in Testogen should remedy. It has proven very beneficial for these people. Its efficacy on people with more normalized levels of the vitamins and minerals is less clear.

These would be major qualms in isolation. However, the sheer number of studies taken together shows that there is something to Testogen. It is an effective supplement for raising testosterone levels. User testimonials are quite clear on this, as is my own experience (more on this below).

Your testosterone output should be optimized when taking Testogen. This means that you will find your libido raised, your energy and focus increased, your athleticism improved, alongside your ability to build lean muscle and burn fat, and your immune function kept working as it should. 

Though the best results will be in those with lower testosterone output than normal, most men should notice a difference. This will particularly be the case in those aged over thirty, as at this point men begin to lose natural testosterone output.

Testogen Ingredients

This is where the magic happens – everything that Testogen claims to be able to do comes down to the inclusion of a fantastic list of potent, testosterone boosting ingredients. Their formula is made up of eleven ingredients known to benefit testosterone output, optimizing it for improved health and athleticism.

The list begins with d-aspartic acid (D-AA). D-AA is an amino acid – a protein, in short – that supports the production of luteinizing hormone. Luteinizing hormone stimulates Leydig cell activity and production in the testes, which should boost testosterone production in itself. Testogen includes more D-AA than any other product I’ve been able to find.

D-AA is just the beginning, though. It’s backed up by Fenugreek extract, which is a very astute addition. Fenugreek contains furostanolic saponins, compounds which are thought to inhibit the enzymes which would typically convert testosterone into estrogen. Including it will ensure that the extra testosterone your body makes will remain present and active.

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Studies have shown that fenugreek can lead to significant boosts in energy levels, strength, libido, and mood, whilst diminishing levels of body fat.

Testogen also includes vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). Studies have linked high vitamin D levels with significantly higher levels of testosterone. Each serving of Testogen will give you enough vitamin D to see these benefits.

Vitamin D works best in concert with vitamin K, magnesium and boron – which are all included in Testogen’s formula. Boron is a particularly good inclusion, here, as it is thought to increase testosterone metabolism – the conversion of total testosterone into free testosterone, which is the type that gives you the benefits we are looking for.

Boron should also reduce sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) levels in your blood. SHBG binds to testosterone, stopping it from being accessible for use.

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Stinging nettle roots, our next ingredient, work similarly. It contains ligans, compounds which stop any SHBG you do produce from binding with the testosterone.

Nettle roots may also inhibit testosterone’s conversion into estrogen, though the research is a little inconclusive here.

You will often see zinc included in men’s multivitamins and most testosterone boosters. Just a minor deficiency can have ruinous consequences on your testosterone levels. Unfortunately, most men have a zinc deficiency. It is included in Testogen as zinc citrate, a readily absorbed form, to remedy this, keeping your Leydig cells safe from oxidative stress and boosting your overall testosterone levels.

Korean ginseng is one of the most popular natural medicinal herbs in the world. Among its many other properties, it can raise natural testosterone levels. It is also great for improving your libido. Your libido and testosterone have a cyclical relationship – the more sex you have, the more testosterone you will make, and so on. The less, the less, etc.

Having a good libido kick can therefore be very healthy.

Studies have linked vitamin B6 deficiency with low testosterone levels and high estrogen levels. However, we cannot store B vitamins. We have to have a ready supply in our diets. Testogen includes a healthy dose, enough to stop deficiency from ever being a concern.

Finally, we have bioperine, a black pepper derivative often used for metabolic boosting. It won’t do too much for your testosterone by itself. However, it should increase the bioavailability of the other ingredients by up to 30%, meaning that you should be able to make the most out of them.

How To Use/Take Testogen

Testogen is an incredibly easy supplement to take, especially in its most basic form. For the base dose, take four capsules every day before breakfast, then just get on with your day! It couldn’t be easier.

Testogen also comes as booster drops, however. These can be taken on the go, they claim to have an acute, almost instantaneous effect, and will serve well to pep you up during the day. You can take 1-3 of these drops daily, as needed.

Using Testogen

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Testogen won’t do much for you under a couple of scenarios. Firstly, if you take it on its own, without making any lifestyle and dietary changes, it will be inefficient. Secondly, if you already have optimal testosterone levels, it won’t really raise them – it is designed to optimize your levels to their natural peak, not extend that peak. You won’t be going past your natural potential with it.

With this in mind, don’t expect miracles if your testosterone levels are high to begin with. Testogen will optimize them, but the results may be minor. Also, when taking it, put the following lifestyle practices into place:

  • Get plenty of sleep, at least 7 hours per night
  • Keep stress levels down as elevated cortisol levels can lower testosterone levels
  • Eat a high protein diet with plenty of healthy fats and very few processed foods
  • Eat lots of fruit and vegetables
  • Take part in regular resistance training – lift weights, swim, practice yoga, and so on. 3-4 days per week should do it
  • Live an altogether more active lifestyle with plenty of walking

Pair all of this with Testogen and your testosterone levels will be at their peak.

I do all of the above, lifting weights, practicing yoga, sleeping plenty, meditating to keep stress levels low, eating a healthy, protein rich diet, and so forth. Yet my natural testosterone levels are on the low side. They aren’t dangerously low, just sub-optimal.

This changed on Testogen. I had more energy, was stronger, happier, and more focussed. It took a couple of weeks to kick in, but when it did, it was there to stay. The difference really was noticeable.

I don’t know how worthwhile the drops are – they might do some good, though I noticed no acute effects. However, taking the four capsules daily, regularly, for a few weeks, really built up my natural t-levels.

  • The results are great, from improved strength to heightened mood and energy
  • The formula is completely natural and transparent
  • All facilities used are FDA approved
  • Plenty of good quality research to back up their claims
  • You get a 100-day money back guarantee with every purchase
  • Though Testogen can be on the pricey side on its own, multi-buy and bundle deals make it a lot more affordable
  • It really does seem to work, optimizing testosterone and giving all the health and fitness benefits associated with it
  • Some of the research is sub-par or non-applicable
  • It doesn’t contain testosterone – this can be a pro or a con depending on your needs
  • It really is quite expensive, and you can only buy it through a limited number of retailers
  • Certification could be more thorough on the product itself, rather than just on the ingredients included


Is Testogen a good product?

Testogen has a pretty solid reputation, with proven results and good customer service, though there are some anomalies to this. They also often rely on outdated or weak research. However, they have plenty of people testifying to their efficacy and we found their product to work very well.

What are the side effects of Testogen?

There are no serious side effects with Testogen. Some common minor effects can include nausea, indigestion, and headaches, but these are incredibly rare, minor and short lived. All ingredients are natural and high quality.

Does Testogen make you stronger?

No supplement makes you stronger by itself. You need to work hard in a resistance training regime for this to happen. Testogen will support you incredibly well, here, however. Elevated testosterone levels will lead to greater strength and endurance during training, faster recovery, more energy, and more muscle built overall.


Testogen is a solid supplement for optimizing testosterone levels.

As above, it won’t take you much beyond your natural output. However, this isn’t the point. Very few of us manage to keep as high as our natural output, and Testogen is designed to close that gap, not turn you into Superman.

Combine Testogen with a good training program, or a generally active lifestyle, and eat a high protein, healthy fat, vegetable heavy diet. Sleep plenty, stay calm, and be good to yourself. Try to live a healthy sex life, if you can. All taken together, you should have high testosterone output with all the benefits that entails.

Testogen is a perfect tool for this.

Written by John Dixon

John is a personal trainer and part time (although he might say full time) writer here at PathMed. He uses his knowledge of fitness and physiotherapy to deliver real insight in to our reviews and health guides.

John’s military background also brings a real-life perspective to his work.