Clenbutrol Review

Our resident PT John Dixon conducts a Clenbutrol review to assess how beneficial this natural supplement can be and whether it really will mimic the impact of Clenbuterol.

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Anybody looking to put on a great deal of muscle mass, or to lose weight whilst retaining or even building muscle, will be tempted by steroids. If you’ve been on the fitness scene for any amount of time, you will likely have been at least curious about them. And why wouldn’t you be? They seem to perform miracles – they improve performance by a great deal, allow you to gain muscle at an astonishing rate, to an astonishing degree, and make sure that all the hard work you put in at the gym isn’t wasted.

However, hopefully most of us leave it here – we are tempted, we are curious, but we pass. That’s because we know how bad steroids are for us. You will open yourself up to a great many devastating side effects, from gynostemia and depleted natural testosterone production all the way up to liver and heart disease and an increased risk of many types of cancer.

They are generally illegal in most jurisdictions, too, as well as being banned in tested sporting events – not to say they don’t show up fairly often, but they are still screened for.

All told, they are a bad idea for anybody. Luckily, however, the supplements industry is catching up to them – there are now plenty of alternatives that are entirely natural, entirely safe, and bring about many of the same benefits as some of the more common steroids.

The supplement company Crazy Bulk are at the forefront of this shift, pushing boundaries and keeping quality incredibly high. They make Clenbutrol, among other products, one of the best products out there for improving muscle building potential, strength, performance, and leanness. Their stacks are worthwhile, taking Clenbutrol as one among several of their supplements, though their compounds are also very good and effective in isolation.

I had the chance to review Clenbutrol recently and the results were fantastic.

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Clenbutrol – Quick Verdict

Clenbutrol is a completely natural and safe supplement that is designed to help build and maintain muscle, while keeping metabolism high whether in a cut or bulk cycle. We saw great results when using it.

What is Clenbutrol?

In short, Clenbutrol is a safe, natural, perfectly legal alternative to clenbuterol.

Clenbuterol is one of the most popular steroids going. It is a sympathomimetic amine often used in the treatment of asthma and similar breathing disorders outside the U.S. as a decongestant and bronchodilator. Most commonly available as the hydrochloride salt, clenbuterol hydrochloride, it makes it easier to breathe fully and naturally.

It works with steroid-like effects, as do many asthma medications. It is classified as a beta2-adrenergic agonist. In effect, it stimulates the beta2-adrenergic receptors in a patient’s throat, which helps to relax their muscles and lungs.

However, a beta2-adrenergic agonist will generally have athletic uses, being potent if unwise in improving performance and results. Clenbuterol is a case in point – its anabolic properties promote muscle growth.

It is prohibited as an anabolic agent on the WADA Prohibited List, is not legally distributed in the U.S., and is not approved for human or veterinary use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Basically, it is banned from all competitions and cannot be legally bought within the U.S., or outside the U.S. without a prescription.

Hence Clenbutrol, Crazy Bulk’s answer to clenbuterol. It is a thermogenic supplement, which means that it heats up your cells by using more energy. This makes it a perfect natural fat burner. It should also increase blood flow and oxygenation of the blood whilst making muscle growth (hypertrophy) more efficient. There are few side effects associated with it, none of which are long lasting or severe.

Benefits Of Clenbutrol

There are several benefits that Clenbutrol can offer, all of which gear it towards cutting (losing body fat whilst maintaining lean muscle mass, or even building new mass).

Firstly, it is a great fat burner. As above, it is a thermogenic supplement. This means that it will raise your metabolic rate to a natural optimum – which is important, as our metabolisms tend to slow down when we maintain calorie deficits. It will stimulate our bodies to burn our fat cells, instead of simply working through glucose (the sugar in our muscles and bloodstream.)

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In fact, taking Clenbutrol on a bulk (maintaining a caloric surplus in order to promote mass gain) can elicit this response, stimulating your body to work through fat cells even as you overeat. This means that your gains should be far more focused around muscle, giving you lean growth instead of simply causing you to swell with new formed body fat.

It’s common to lose muscle mass during a calorie deficit. As you under consume calories, your body begins to metabolize your lean tissue in order to conserve energy. However, Clenbutrol can help you to maintain your muscle mass during your cut.

In fact, it can help you to achieve the holy grail of physique training – it can help you to recomp (recomposition – losing fat whilst actually building muscle mass).

Finally, Clenbuterol should allow you to recover faster and more efficiently, both from the stresses of everyday life and from the trauma you inflict on your muscles during training. This means that you can either train harder and/or more often, or you can simply keep to your existing regime with more energy to spare for the rest of your life (which generally suffers specifically on a calorie cut.)

You can stack Clenbuterol with some of Crazy Bulk’s other products. As we’ll see, they actually offer it as part of a couple of stack packages, which give you everything you need for any given job whilst saving you a bit of cash from multi-buy discounts.

Clenbutrol Ingredients

How does it do all of this? The same as any supplement – a stellar list of ingredients, scientifically backed, in doses appropriate to their use.

Everything included in Clenbutrol’s formula is designed to keep you running optimally, with plenty of energy, whilst cutting fat, building muscle and, importantly, staying healthy.

Firstly, it contains a good dose of vitamin B3 (niacin), an essential vitamin often found in training supplements. You’ll often see these in pre-workout supplements or energy shots due to its energy-giving properties.

Niacin opens your capillaries, in simple terms. This keeps them at their most porous. In this way, your muscles’ ability to exchange vital oxygen and nutrients is greatly enhanced. You will be able to produce more ATP (adeno triphosphate, your muscles’ energy source). You will also be able to recover more ably as the nutrients needed for healing are delivered to your hard worked muscles far more ably.

Clenbutrol also contains garcinia cambogia, one of my favorite supplements. You may have seen it on Shark Tank or contained in any number of good quality training supplements.

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Garcinia cambogia is a small fruit that packs quite a large punch – it brings some great benefits to the metabolism. You will be able to utilize body fat more ably for energy. This means both that you will have the fuel you need to get through life and work hard in the gym, and that you will be able to burn through fat, keeping as lean as possible.

This energy boost is further enhanced by guarana extract, another of my favorites. It’s a natural compound from the guarana plant, native to the Brazilian Amazon. The plant’s beans are very similar to coffee, both in the way they look and in the results and benefits that ingesting them can bring. It stimulates the cardiovascular and nervous systems, giving you plenty of energy, and has a thermogenic effect, helping you to keep your metabolism functioning optimally.

Finally, Clenbutrol contains citrus peel extract from bitter Seville oranges. It is a well-known appetite suppressant that has been used for thousands of years, whose efficacy is being borne out by modern research. You will be able to more comfortably maintain a calorie deficit whilst taking Clenbutrol as hunger pangs diminish.

Clenbutrol Pros And Cons

  • Everything included is safe and legal
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Improved energy levels should
  • Heightened fat burning and muscle building abilities
  • Perfect for a cut or bulk cycle
  • Can allow for body recomposition
  • Guarana extract is potent – it’s best to keep caffeine consumption down when taking Clenbutrol to avoid overstimulation
  • Needs an off cycle fortnight every couple of months
  • Can be pricey without multi-buy discounts
  • Is only available through Crazy Bulk’s online store

How To Take Clenbutrol

Simply take three capsules three quarters of an hour before training for best results. On non-training days, take three capsules evenly spread throughout the day.

Clenbutrol works best in cycles. Crazy Bulk recommend taking it for two-month periods, with a week and a half or so off-cycle at the end of each. You won’t need any PCTs, though (post cycle therapies). You can use it as part of a bulking or cutting cycle.

It also works well when stacked with other products. Crazy Bulk include it as a core ingredient in their most popular stacks. This both gives you a bit of a price saving, as they offer multi-buy discounts, and maximizes potential gains as it is set alongside complementary supplements.

Everything is natural, so side effects are rare, short lived, and minor. However, some people may need to watch out for Clenbutrol – it may be worth consulting your doctor before taking it. In particular, those with heart conditions or sensitivity to stimulants will need to be careful. As Clenbutrol increases blood flow by quite a large amount, it can have an effect on blood pressure, too.


Is Clenbutrol as good as clenbuterol?

Yes and no. It is nowhere near as potent as clenbuterol. In general, natural supplements are not as powerful as their anabolic counterparts. If they were, anabolic steroids wouldn’t be used. However, it does elicit many of the same results as clenbuterol, it does so in a profound way for a natural supplement, and it’s completely legal, well-regulated, and largely free from side effects. You sacrifice a little efficacy for improved safety and wellbeing.

What are the side effects of Clenbutrol?

Side effects are minor and generally short lived. However, some of the more common ones include heart palpitations and tremors, increased heart rate (tachycardia), and anxiety and restlessness, largely caused by the guarana. It can also lower your blood potassium (hypokalemia) and increase blood sugar (hyperglycemia).

What does clenbuterol do for bodybuilders?

Clenbuterol is an incredibly powerful drug with anabolic properties. As such, it can lead to increased muscle mass and growth (hypertrophy) and decreased fat levels, giving a stronger, leaner physique. However, it has many unhealthy, dangerous side effects, including an increased risk of liver and heart disease. For this reason, natural alternatives like Clenbutrol are much better.

Is Crazy Bulk legitimate?

Crazy Bulk can seem risky. They seem to offer something that is too good to be true, after all. However, they are completely legitimate. Their products are not as powerful as the steroids they are designed to replace. However, they are completely natural, safe and legal.

Conclusion: Is Clenbutrol Worth It?

Clenbutrol is definitely worth taking if you’re looking to optimize your weight loss whilst maintaining or even putting on muscle mass. It is well-researched, well-respected, completely natural and safe, with very few, very minor side effects that will only be a concern for very few people with specific medical concerns.

It is pricey and its efficacy may be up for debate in some circles. However, having taken it myself, I know that it works – or, at least, it did for me. It reduced my DOMS, especially the brain-fog element associated with post-training fatigue, and gave me more energy in the gym. I recovered faster, more efficiently, and was able to train harder, for longer.

At worst it is non-dangerous and won’t do much for you. At best, it will give you some fantastic results with no side effects. It gets my vote and I’d recommend you try it.

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Clenbutrol – Our Verdict

Clenbutrol is a completely natural and safe supplement that is designed to help build and maintain muscle, while keeping metabolism high whether in a cut or bulk cycle. We saw great results when using it.

Written by John Dixon

John is a personal trainer and part time (although he might say full time) writer here at PathMed. He uses his knowledge of fitness and physiotherapy to deliver real insight in to our reviews and health guides.

John’s military background also brings a real-life perspective to his work.