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Our PT John Dixon takes a look at this safe and natural alternative to Winstrol in our comprehensive Winsol review.

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Steroids are a double-edged sword to put it mildly.

They can bring about fantastic results for those looking to change their body composition (lose weight and/or gain plenty of muscle), to boost their strength and athleticism, and to recover more quickly from intense physical activity. They will give you the kinds of body transformation we have become used to seeing in Hollywood.

However, the cons definitely outweigh the pros, no matter how tempting those pros might be.

Steroids will ruin your health if you take them. It isn’t really a question of if; rather, it’s a question of how and how badly.

They are also illegal in most jurisdictions and banned from most major sporting events. The only way bodybuilders get away with steroid use is by competing in ‘untested’ events, where all of the competitors are enhanced in some way.

So, a double edge – a slightly sharp edge of benefits versus an incredibly sharp, ruinous edge of downsides.

Luckily, there is a middle ground. There are alternatives springing up all over the place – natural alternatives for those of us looking to maximize our natural potential without any side effects. The supplements market is currently seeing a great boost in natural compounds looking replicate some of the effects granted by steroid use.

Crazy Bulk are arguably the biggest player in town. Their supplements are all tailor made to mimic the benefits of many of the more popular steroids. Everything they produce is natural, legal, well-regulated, and risk free. 

Winsol is one of their most popular products – it’s one of the best natural steroid alternatives available in today’s market. I recently had the chance to try it out and was genuinely impressed at the results – read on to find out my experience of this impressive supplement in my full Winsol review.

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Winsol – Quick Verdict

Winsol is ideal for building lean mass and can be used as part of a cutting or bulking cycle. For anyone looking to increase muscle tone, definition or vascularity then Winsol is a great supplement to take.

Winsol Explained

With Winsol, Crazy Bulk have given us a viable alternative to Winstrol, one of the most popular, best-known androgenic steroids used in the sporting world.

‘Winstrol’ is its trade name. It is actually stanozolol, though it is sold under plenty of different brand names. Derived from DHT (dihydrotestosterone), it is an androgenic and anabolic medication often used to treat hereditary angioedema. It was also used in horse racing to give mounts a competitive edge.

Winthrop, the American pharmaceutical specialist, developed stanozolol in 1962, and it was approved by the FDA pretty early on in its life. However, it is no longer marketed in the US, except illegally as a performance enhancing drug.

Stanozolol is incredibly bioavailable in tablet form due to a C17α alkylation which improves liver metabolism. As a result, it is one of the few steroids to be ingested orally, though it is possible to get it as an injection, and this is how it is usually administered to animals where appropriate. It is one of the most popular performance enhancing drugs in the world, though it is banned from pretty much all athletic competitions in the world.

Benefits to stanozolol include improved athleticism, enhanced metabolic function, and more efficient muscle growth, to a far higher threshold than natural. Winsol seeks to mimic these functions – it will optimize your muscle building potential, aid in faster recovery, and keep your metabolism at a healthy rate for help with fat loss.

Benefits of Winsol

Winsol works in a couple of different ways to replicate the effects of stanozolol.

Firstly, it will make your muscles seem fuller as it even retains mass during a cut or puts on mass during a bulk. It does so by manipulating water and nutrient use in the muscles. Your body will retain water intake in the muscles, in general. This makes them look soft. Winsol causes your muscles to absorb and use more water and nutrients, leading to far less water retention and giving you a more toned appearance.

This isn’t purely aesthetic, however. Greater water and nutrient use leads to more energy for more intense exercise and improved recovery, repair and adaptation after training.

This brings us onto Winsol’s second main benefit – it gives you plenty of energy for your training. It does so partly as above, by improving water and nutrient uptake. It also pushes your body to take energy from fat, rather than metabolizing muscle once glucose is used up. This means that you will retain more muscle mass as you cut or bulk, whilst staying lean as body fat reserves are used up.

Everything included in Winsol is completely natural and high quality, as is everything that Crazy Bulk produces. The ingredients and supplements are well tested and regulated to ensure minimal side effects, if any. Any side effects that do occur are rare, mild, and short lived.

Winsol Ingredients

How does it do all this? With the best ingredients, of course. They are all intelligently combined to give you one of the best mass gaining or cutting supplements out there. Every ingredient plays its part well and the synergy between every part of the formula means efficiency and efficacy at every turn.

Winsol’s formula begins with acetyl-l-cartinine, an amino acid that forms a firm bedrock for everything else. Amino acids in general are known for their ability to burn through fat in cells.  Acetyl-l-cartinine is particularly potent as it burns through fat reserves to release extra energy for the body. This will give you the power you need to push through workouts without eating into muscle mass, allowing for a very lean bulk or a cut during which you lose minimal lean mass.

Then there is choline, a substance created naturally in the liver. It serves a few purposes in the body, including healthy liver function, nervous system development, muscle movement, and digestion. However, we don’t naturally produce optimal amounts, so outside sources are always welcome. By including it in Winsol, Crazy Bulk are helping to ensure top athletic performance and recovery, whilst giving good digestive health (which can often suffer under either a calorie deficit or surplus.) 

Testosterone production and optimal regulation is key in building and retaining muscle, and in keeping us healthy in general. Therefore, strong doses of diosgenin are always helpful – it stimulates production, bringing them closer to ideal levels. This is why Winsol have included wild yam root, which is very rich in diosgenin. It represents a healthy, natural, very smart way of bringing up testosterone levels for peak recovery from and performance in the gym (and in the bedroom, too, incidentally).

Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) is another worthy inclusion. DMAE has been linked to improved focus and concentration, and to decreased stress levels.

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This is important for a couple of reasons. Firstly, calorie deficits can often elicit brain fog, impairing cognitive function. Anything that can help to mitigate this is thoroughly welcome. Secondly, stress can ruin gains, inhibiting muscle gain and athletic performance. Diminishing it will lead to improved results across the board.

Finally, Winsol uses safflower oil powder, a well-known thermogenic supplement. It burns fat whilst promoting the retention of muscle mass. Using it in powder form makes it far more bioavailable, so that you can efficiently absorb and use it.

Pros and Cons of Winsol

  • Winsol represents safe, natural alternative to winstrol/ stanozolol
  • Everything is legal and competition friendly
  • It delivers plenty of energy
  • Fat burning potential is fantastic with winsol
  • Your focus and concentration should be improved
  • It is great as part of one of Crazy Bulk’s stacks
  • Multibuy discounts can apply
  • Some of the ingredients can be sourced more cheaply elsewhere
  • Winsol is only available through Crazy Bulk’s own website

How to Take Winsol

Winsol works well for both cutting and bulking.

When cutting, it will allow you to maintain muscle mass whilst boosting the amount of fat you can get through. It will also help to keep you focussed, engaged and energized as your calorie deficit starts to bite.

For bulking, it will help to ensure lean muscle gains, keeping fat gains to a minimum, whilst giving you the energy you need to get through grueling workouts. It will also diminish fatigue experienced through hard training whilst improving your rate of hypertrophy.

To this end, Winsol works well in a couple of stacks. Crazy Bulk offer it as part of their cutting and bulking stacks, which should all be taken together.

Either way, you should take three capsules daily, preferably with your main meal. Crazy Bulk recommend taking it for at least thirty days to see noticeable results. Best results come after two months, after which you should take a week or two off before starting your next cycle.

No post-cycle therapies (PCTs) are needed with any of Crazy Bulk’s supplements.


Does Winsol really work?

Winsol works very well and gives no side effects. Every ingredient is intelligently included and well dosed for optimal results. Though it isn’t as potent as winstrol/stanozolol, as natural alternatives tend not to be as powerful as the steroid they seek to mimic, the lack of side effects, legality and regulated nature of Winsol make it very attractive.

How long does Winsol take to work?

Winsol should begin to work within the first few days. You should feel more energized and focused. However, for best results you should take it for at least thirty days. Crazy Bulk recommend taking it for two month cycles, taking a few weeks off at the end of each cycle.

Is Winsol a steroid?

Winsol is not a steroid. It is entirely natural and healthy. It is designed to mimic some of the benefits granted by the very harsh steroid winstrol/stanozolol, giving good results without any of the side effects.

Verdict: Is Winsol Worth It?

I really like Winsol. I think it’s a great product.

It isn’t as powerful as winstrol or stanozolol, but this is to be expected. Crazy Bulk have a wide range of natural alternatives to steroids and none of them come close to matching the steroids’ potency. They are not designed to – they are designed to replicate the effects of each steroid in a milder form, without giving you anything nasty, without giving you any side effects or health complaints.

To put it straight – Winsol works. It will give you a noticeable spike in energy as you train, burning fat to power you through even more challenging workouts. It will also give you more energy overall as it mitigates post training fatigue and keeps your body using fat to stay sharp. Add in the cognitive benefits and you have something that keeps you running on full, entirely focused, entirely clear headed. It is a lovely feeling.

You will also notice a good drop in body fat when using Winsol. You need to maintain a calorie deficit to see this, of course. It’s best combined with a healthy diet and active lifestyle. However, the energy you then burn will come mostly from fat, giving you the lean look you want.

This fat use will also show in strength and musculature. You won’t lose anywhere near as much muscle during a cut as you otherwise might. You’ll add more muscle during a bulk, all of which will be lean, and your strength and endurance will both spike.

It really is a good product, well worth the money.

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Winsol – Full Verdict

Winsol is ideal for building lean mass and can be used as part of a cutting or bulking cycle. We found it be highly effective after a 1-2 month period of taking the supplement with improved aesthetic looks and higher energy levels when working out.

Written by John Dixon

John is a personal trainer and part time (although he might say full time) writer here at PathMed. He uses his knowledge of fitness and physiotherapy to deliver real insight in to our reviews and health guides.

John’s military background also brings a real-life perspective to his work.