Does Ashwagandha Increase Testosterone in Women?

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Ashwagandha’s use in medicine dates back pretty much as far as records go – we can date it back to at least 3000 years ago. Today we’ll be asking the question – does ashwagandha increase testosterone in women? A staple of traditional Indian medicine, ashwagandha (aka ‘Indian ginseng’ or ‘Indian winter cherry’) is known as … Read more

Best Greens Powder

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Here’s a thing. My wife thinks I was neglected as a child. Why? Whilst her mom was giving her chicken nuggets and chocolate cake – the good stuff, to a child – my mom, a lifelong vegetarian, took things in a different direction. Mine and my brother’s plates were piled high with fresh vegetables. After … Read more

Vitamin B6 & Weight Loss: Everything You Need To Know

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Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is perhaps one of our greatest, most underrated potential weight-loss allies. It is a water-soluble vitamin important to various bodily functions. It aids in the metabolic process, breaking down and digesting protein, carbohydrates, and fats, as well as creating new red blood cells and maintaining cognitive health. If you’re trying to lose … Read more